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Community Engagement prepares educated, engaged citizens who contribute to the public good.

Julianna Dodd

Finance and Management

"There’s a lot that you learn from being on site and being an intern that you can’t really learn in the classroom."

Professor Colin Belby, Geography and Earth Science

"At UWL, I think we do an excellent job of developing our students through the variety of classes they take and through their hands-on experiences with technology."

Anne Drewes

Communication Studies Broadcast and Digital Media

"I’m a big believer in the idea that you can really only learn about the world and yourself by experiencing different things. And volunteering is such a good way to do that."

Jackson Hopfensperger


"It was the first real-world experience I had to show what I'm made of, and I'm going to take that with me as far as I can in my professional career."

Professor Tim Dale, Political Science Public Administration

"Interns are really great for organizations because they are learning cutting edge information in the classroom and then they’re able to bring that to an organization."

What is Community Engaged Learning at UWL?

Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is a classroom to community relationship that involves academically-based community engaged courses where student learning takes place in partnership with a community organization/business. The student has course content related reflection and/or faculty mentorship that enhances student learning while also providing a service to the partnering agency.

WATCH Community Engaged Learning in action!

Thank you Advisors Management Group (AMG) for establishing an endowment which supports Community Engaged Learning projects, including the example in this video. If you are interested in financially supporting CEL opportunities for UWL students in the future, contact the UWL Foundation at or 877.895.3863.

How to partner with UWL?

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volunteers? expanding section

UWL is committed to connecting our students to service opportunities that address community needs through UGetConnected. Students find volunteer work based on their interests, skills, goals, and availability. You can submit your opportunity on the UGetConnected link below.

Submit volunteer opportunities - UGetConnected

interns? expanding section

The UW-La Crosse Internship Program is one of the largest programs in the UW-System and features local, regional, and national opportunities.  All internships (and jobs) are posted through Handshake and available to all UWL students. It's also FREE for all employers!

Your timeline may suit the academic year (fall, spring or summer semesters) or a different project-specific time frame. Students find internships based on their career goals and availability. Find a match by posting your internship on the Handshake link below.

Recruit at UWL - Handshake

researchers and/or project-based learners? expanding section

Several courses at UWL offer Community Engaged Learning experiences for our students. Faculty members frequently work with local and regional organizations to provide students with classroom and mentor-led project opportunities.

These community engaged projects and/or research collaborations typically occur on campus under instructor guidance, but can also happen at a community site or a combination of both. The projects and/or research are embedded into a class allowing more students to be involved than would be common through an internship or an independent research project, though all three arrangements are available.

If you are seeking project support, you can submit your project idea on the UWL Community Idea Exchange link below. We will contact you to discuss what aspects of your project would fit with the timing and content of our coursework. 

Submit your project idea - UWL Community Idea Exchange

Why create a partnership with UWL?

  • Leverage instructor expertise and student enthusiasm to address your needs at low (or no) cost.
  • Get help on short term and special projects from student volunteers or interns, or a course-embedded project.
  • Support student learning through practical application of student knowledge and skills.
  • Identify potential new employees.
  • Increase your visibility on campus

WATCH how partnerships impact students!