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UW-La Crosse Strategic Plan

Sustaining Excellence

The UWL Strategic plan is comprised of four pillars which focus on students, community and employees.   These campus priorities serve to guide our goals and actions steps. UWL initiated the current plan in 2016 with several updates including a 2024 governance endorsement of revised goals within each pillar.  A new strategic planning process is expected during the 2024-2025 academic year.

Increasing community engagement

UWL embraces community engagement as a key component to our teaching, scholarly, & service mission.

Increasing Community Engagement

Achieving excellence through equity & diversity

UWL is committed to being an equitable & welcoming community to maintain our status as a high quality & competitive university.

Equity and diversity

Investing in our people

UWL recognizes that our status as a high quality and competitive university depends on our faculty and staff.

Investing in our people

Advancing transformational education

High-impact teaching & learning opportunities that are proven to aid student success across diverse backgrounds.

Transformational education