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The Cashier’s Office is committed to providing excellent customer service to the members of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse community. We are responsible for the collection, recording, depositing and reporting of the University’s receipts. We look forward to serving you.

Our office Hours are:  
Monday - Friday 
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: 
121 Graff Main Hall
1725 State Street

La Crosse, WI 54601

Fall 2017

9-05-17 First Day of Class
9-06-17 Financial Aid Refunds Begin
9-06-17 Fall Bill is Emailed to Students WINGS account after 5 pm.
9-18-17 Payment is Due Today.  Change in procedure requires charges on your WINGS account be paid by the 10th day of class.  If your account is not paid by 9/18, a $75 administrative fee will be charged to your account allowing you to pay later in the semester.
9-19-17 Bill is Emailed to Students WINGS account after 5 pm.
10-18-17 Bill is Due.  Avoid finance charges.  If bill is not paid today, a 1.25%finance charge will be added. 
10-19-17 Bill is Emailed to Students WINGS account. Please view your WINGS account as additional charges may be incurred since the last invoice date. 1.25% Finance Charge will be added to unpaid balance.  Restrictions applied to accounts.
11-17-17 Bill is Due.  Avoid finance charges.  If not paid today, a 1.25% finance charge will be added.
11-13-17 Spring Registration Starts
Those students with outstanding balances will not be allowed to register for Spring semester.
11-20-17 FINAL bill of semester generated includes finance charges.
12-20-17 FINAL bill of semester is due.
12-18 to  12-22 Week of Finals
01-12-18 ALL FALL charges on WINGS account are due in FULL-regardless of an invoice.
01-16-18 CANCELLATION of Spring semester classes, if FALL charges have not been paid.


Winter 2018

1-02-18 First Day of Classes
01-02-18 Charges posted to Wings account for Winter Term
01-03-18 Winter Bill is Generated. Notification emailed to students WINGS account.  The email comes from (apx 5 pm).
01-19-18 Winter Bill is Due Today.  Last day of Winter Semester.

Spring 2017

1-22-18 First day of Spring class
1-22-18 Financial aid disbursement for Winter & Spring
1-23-18 Spring bill notification emailed to students WINGS account.  The email comes from (after 5 pm)
2-2-18 Spring payment is due today (Friday).  Avoid $75 administrative service fee and pay all your charges listed in your WINGS account in full by 2/2/18.

Bill is Emailed to Students WINGS account after 5 pm


Bill is Due.  Avoid finance charges.  If bill in not paid today, a 1.50% finance charge will be added.


Third bill of the semester is generated.

MARCH 2018

NEXT FALL and SUMMER REGISTRATION STARTS-Your account needs to be paid in full before you are allowed to register.  Those with the most credits register first.

3-10 to 3-18

Spring Break

4-5-18 Third bill id due.
5-4-18    Last day of class.
5/8-5/12 Finals

FINAL BALANCE DUE.  Finance charges added.  Any additional or remaining spring semester charges MUST BE PAID IN FULL.  Be sure to login to your WINGS Student Center to be certain your spring semester charges have been paid.


Grades are due. 

Cash Handling Training: in-Person & e-Training

Cash Handling Training - FACULTY & STAFF

If you are a UWL employee and new to cash handling, you are required to attend Cash Handling Training.

Please join us for these upcoming training opportunities! These sessions will run approximately one hour. Training will be held in 125 Graff Main Hall.  To register, please email Kelly Myrup at Training dates and times are listed below.

  • Monday, October 23 from 2:00-3:00
  • Thursday, November 2 from 3:00-4:00

Cash Handling Training - SFO & STUDENTS

If you are an SFO advisor, student officer, or student member handling cash, you must complete the SFO Cash Handling Training. Click here to complete the training!