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Welcome to the Cashier's Office

The Cashier’s Office is committed to providing excellent customer service to the members of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse community. We are responsible for the collection, recording, depositing and reporting of the University’s receipts. We look forward to serving you. 

How to set up your FERPA pin so staff can talk to you/parent:

Cashier Window Fall Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: 
121 Graff Main Hall
1725 State Street

La Crosse, WI 54601

Emailing our office is the fastest way to contact us during the first two weeks of classes. 


Summer 2023

5-4-to 5-15

Charges posted to Wings for Summer Semester. 



Financial aid posted to WINGS for Summer Semester.


Classes Begin-Summer Session I

5-22-23 Summer Bill is Generated for those students who registered for classes prior to 5-22.  Notification emailed to students WINGS account.  The email comes from (approx. 5 pm)  
Memorial Day-UWL closed  
6-6-23 Second bill is generated includes new charges and/or previous unpaid balance. Start accruing finance charges.   
Classes Begin-Summer Session II  
7-5-23 Second Bill is Due-Wednesday   
7-6-23 Final bill is generated and includes finance charges.  
Classes Begin-Summer Session III  
8-7-23 Finance charges added of 1.50%  

Fall 2023-Bill is Due the 15th Day of Class

9-01-23 Fall bill notification is emailed to Students WINGS account after 5 pm.  The email comes from
9-05-23 First day of Classes.
9-06-23 Financial aid refunds from financial aid awards.
9-25-23 FALL bill is due today.  (15th day of class)

Start to charge finance charges based on daily outstanding balance paid after the due date of 9-25-23.

2nd Bill notification is emailed to students WINGS account.  The invoice will include the outstanding charges, any payments and new charges added after the first invoice.


Bill is due if not previously paid or new charges added. 

3rd bill notification is emailed to students WINGS account.  Bill includes prior balance, new charges and finance charges for items not paid by the invoice due date of  9-25-23.  Please view your WINGS account for up-to-date information. 
November Winter & Spring Registration Starts.  Students can register for classes if their bill is less than $500 ($499 or less). Registration holds for balances greater than $500.00.
11-27-23 Bill is due if not previously paid.   
Final bill of semester is generated includes prior balance, any new charges and finances charges.
12-18 to 12-22 Finals
12-27-23 Bill is due.  Finance charges added. Check your Wings account as we will not be generating another statement for Fall. 


 Winter 2024

First day of Winter Term
Winter Bill is Generated.  Notification emailed to students.  Watch for email from (approx. 5 pm)
Holiday-No Classes
1-19-24 Winter Bill is Due

Spring 2024-Bill is Due the 15th Day of Class

1-19-24 Spring bill notification emailed to students WINGS account.  The email comes from (after 5 pm).
First day of classes.
1-18 & 19
Financial aid disbursement for Winter & Spring.
2-09-24 Spring bill is due today (15th day of class). 

Start charging finance charges on unpaid balance from 2-09-24. Send out new bill if unpaid balance or new charges added.  A bill is emailed to Students WINGS account after 5 pm.


Spring Break


Bill is Due if not previously paid or new charges added. 


New bill is generated and may include additional charges. Holds placed on accounts prior to registration. 

March & APRIL 2023

SUMMER REGISTRATION STARTS in March and FALL REGISTRATION STARTS in April.  Check your WINGs account and pay any outstanding balance.

4-11-24 Bill is due if not previously paid or new charges added.
4-12-24 Final bill generated.
5-6 to 5-10 Finals

FINAL BALANCE DUE.  Any additional or remaining spring semester charges MUST BE PAID IN FULL.  Be sure to login to your WINGS Student Center to be certain your spring semester charges have been paid.


Finance charges added for Spring.