Payment options

Online Checks (ACH Payments) 

  • UWL's online student account payment processor is called CASHNET.
  • There is no fee for online checks. However, there is a 2.75% convenience fee if a debit or credit card is used.
  • Preferred method as payment posting to WINGS is instantaneous.
  • Students, parents, and guests can make payments.
  • POP-UP BLOCKER ALERT: Pop-up blockers may prevent the payment portal from opening.  See the help files for your browser for more information on how to change your settings to allow pop-ups from this website.
Pay as Student/Student Grant Parent Access to Pay Online (and email notifications) expanding section
  • To view or pay your bill online, log into our electronic payment system, CASHNET, using your email address and password.
    • Please view our reference sheet on how to pay your bill online for more detailed images. 
    • To pay your bill, go to the Your Account section, click on the "Click here to make a payment or deposit" link, and follow the onscreen instructions.
    • To view your bill, go to the Your Bills section and click "View All."
    • To grant parent access, go to the Parent PINs section and select "Add New."

UWL Electronic Payments

Pay as Guest or Pay as an Authorized User expanding section
  1. Log into CASHNET's PAY as an AUTHORIZED PAYER via CASHNET as an Authorized Payer
  2. Use your authorized payer and password.
  3. "Click here to make a payment or deposit" and follow the onscreen instructions.


  1. Log In to CASHNET's Pay as GUEST option via CASHNET as a Guest Payer
  2. Use the Student's ID# and Last Name to enter.  
  3. "Click here to make a payment or deposit" and follow the onscreen instructions.
CashNet Guest Payment
$100 Enrollment Deposits (Freshman Students Only) expanding section
  1. You can make this payment as a Student, Authorized Payer, or Guest using the above methods.
  2. This deposit is for New Freshman students only.
  3. For more information, Visit the Admissions page for Admitted New Freshmen
Forgotten Password Payments expanding section
  1. If you forgot your Authorized Payer Password you can still use the Guest Payer feature
  2. You will only need The student's ID and Last name.
  3. For additional help, feel free to contact our office at 608.785.8719 or email us at
Federal Perkins Loan Payments expanding section

HeartLand ECSI

Perkins Payments are handled through a third party vendor, Heartland ECSI. 
Payments can be made by visiting their website at

For more information about Perkins loans, please visit our Perkins Loans Services Information Page.

In-Person or mail payments

Accepted Payment Types

Credit and Debit cards are NOT accepted at the Cashier's Window
  • Checks will be posted to the student account on the business date received. 
  • Please make checks payable to UW-La Crosse and note your Student ID# on the check. 
  • Checks that are returned as insufficient funds will result with the Student receiving a NSF check charge on their WINGS account.

Mail or In-Person Window Payments

Checks can be mailed to or delivered to:

UWL Cashier’s Office
121 Graff Main Hall
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

The Cashier's Office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. There is a secure deposit box next to the Cashier's Office where payments may be placed during non-business hours. The secure deposit box is available during Graff Main Hall building hours.

For International students, the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse has partnered with Flywire to offer an innovative and streamlined way to make international tuition payments. 

Flywire's mission is to save international students and their families money that would otherwise be lost on bank fees and unfavorable foreign exchange rates. With Flywire, you are offered excellent foreign exchange rates, allowing you to pay in your home currency (in most cases) and save a significant amount of money, as compared to traditional banks. 

In addition, the posting of the payment into your University of Wisconsin – La Crosse account will be faster, and you will be notified via email when it is received. 

UWL is not responsible for fees or exchange rates from a Flywire transaction.

Continue below or go to Flywire to begin the payment process.

To get started, select the country from which your funds will be coming from and the payment amount (in US dollars) you wish to make to your student bill.

  • You will need your nine (9) digit UWL Campus ID number.
  • In most cases, the US dollar amount will be converted into your home currency at preferential exchange rates, which will translate into savings for you.
  • If your home country’s currency is not listed, you can still use Flywire. The wire transfer payment will just be made in US dollars from your bank in your home country. 
  • After providing some basic information, you will visit your bank (via phone, online or in person) to send funds from your local bank to Flywire.
  • Flywire will then convert the funds to U.S. dollars and forward the US dollar amount to University of Wisconsin-La Crosse where it will be directly credited to your student billing account.
  • Through the Flywire student dashboard you will be able to track where your payment is in the transfer process.
  • You will receive an email confirmation when your payment is deposited into UWL’s bank account.
  • No matter your time zone, you will have a dedicated multilingual customer support team available to you -reachable 24/7 via live chat, Skype, email and phone to answer any of your questions.

Physical Checks 

  • Checks will be posted to the student account on the business date received. 
  • Please make checks payable to UW-La Crosse and note your Student ID# on the check. 
  • Students will be charged for checks returned for insufficient funds.

Checks can be mailed to or delivered to:

UWL Cashiers Office
121 Graff Main Hall
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601

Edvest/529 Plans 

  • Request your Edvest/529 distribution early.  Plan accordingly!
  • You do not need to wait for an official tuition statement from UWL to submit a request to your Edvest/529 plan.
  • Edvest/529 plans pay UWL directly via a paper check. Some plans can take up to two weeks before the check reaches UWL. 
  • An owner of a Edvest/529 plan can request electronic transfer of funds to their personal account. 
  • Using Flywire, Edvest/529 electronic payments are sent directly to UWL.  Current providers using this payment method are Edvest, Vanguard, CollegeBound529, SSgA, Minnesota College Savings Plan, Michigan Education Savings Plan, Schwab 529, Indiana Advisor, Iowa 529. This list is not exhaustive.  Check with your plan administrator to see if this is an option for your plan.  

Cash, Check, and Credit Card Policies

Accepted Debit / Credit Cards (Online Only)

  • MasterCard
  • VISA
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
Card companies charge a 2.75% convenience fee to be increased to 2.85% February 1st, 2023.
Credit or Debit cards are NOT accepted at the Cashier's Window