Student Faculty Organization (SFO)

Student organizations must bank their organization's funds in a University on-campus bank account through Business Services.  Some student organizations have not only their own fund-raised monies, but also receive allocations from the University's State fund.  State fiscal rules and regulations govern the transactions related to the allocations received from any State funds.  Student organization leaders should meet with their organization's adviser for more information on how to manage their organization's financial resources.

Student organizations are not permitted to have bank accounts off-campus due to State regulations.  Student organizations can collect dues or conduct fundraisers, for example, to generate funds. Student organizations soliciting donations of money or merchandise beyond the campus community must get approval from University Centers, and from the Foundation Office.  See the Fundraising Guidelines within your organization's Leader's guide for more information.

Questions regarding your SFO Bank Account - Contact

SFO Cash Handling Training

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Open or Update an SFO Bank Account expanding section

To Open a Student Faculty Organization bank account, obtain and complete a Student Faculty Organization (SFO) Authorization Form.  The authorization form must be completed by the faculty adviser and two student officers.  All SFO officers, advisers, and members handling cash must have SFO Cash Handling Training. Upon completion, the form is delivered to Business Services for review and approval.  Once approved, an account number will be established and all authorized individuals will be notified.

When there is a change in fiscal school year (July 1), a change in authorized faculty, or a change in authorized student officers, a new SFO Authorization Form must be completed.  The authorization form is considered the signature card for the account; therefore, it must be kept current and up-to-date.  

When a new school year begins, many student organizations elect new student officers.  Be sure to complete a new SFO Authorization Form for the new fiscal year and file with Business Services.  If during the year an authorized faculty member changes, or if there is a change in authorized student officers, a new SFO Authorization Form must be completed (signed by all who will remain on the account and by the new faculty, or student, that is being added to the account) and filed with Business Services.

Deposits expanding section

Deposits are made to your SFO bank account by completing a Student Faculty Organization (SFO) Deposit Form.  Plastic deposit pouches are available at the Cashier’s office window for use in preparing your deposit. Deposits are made at the Cashier’s office during regular business hours, or via the drop box located outside the Cashier’s office.  A receipt will be provided upon request.

How do I make a deposit?

  • Complete the SFO Deposit Form located at Cashier’s office window or found on the Business Services website under Forms.
    • Deposit form must include: Date, Account Name, Account Number, Description of Deposit, Total of Deposit, and Depositor Contact Information.
    • Deposit should be placed in a plastic deposit pouch available at the Cashier’s office window.
    • Deposit form should be folded to allow the SFO account name and number to be seen without opening deposit envelope.
  • Deliver deposit to the Cashier’s Office – 121 Graff Main Hall.  Deposits can be made during regular business hours or via the drop box located outside the Cashier’s office window.
Check requests expanding section

Check requests to pay bills or to withdraw money from the SFO bank account must be made by completing a Student Faculty Organization (SFO) Account Check Requisition Form.  Completed check requisition forms are then submitted to the Cashier’s office window.  All requests will be reviewed by designated Business Services personnel and any inquires must be clarified before the check will be processed. 

How do I request a check?

  • Complete the SFO Account Check Requisition Form located at the Cashier’s office window or found on the Business Services website under Forms.  Complete one (1) check requisition form for each check request.
    • Check requisition form must include: Account Name, Account Number, Payee Information, Delivery Method, Description of Expense & Purpose, Amount, and two (2) authorized signatures.
    • Receipts and/or other supporting documentation for the expense MUST be attached to the requisition form.
    • Any questions related to the purpose of the request, or related to the supporting documentation will need to be resolved before the check request will be processed.
  • Deliver check requisition form and supporting documentation to the Cashier’s office window – 121 Graff Main Hall.
  • Checks will be available for pick up at the Cashier’s office window the next business day after 10:30 a.m.
Monthly statement and account balance requests expanding section

Monthly statements providing the account activity and account balance information are e-mailed to the faculty adviser and student officers identified on the authorization form on or before the 15th of month.

To request your organizations current bank account balance prior to receiving your statement, you can complete a paper balance request form located at the Cashier's window or complete the SFO Balance Request Form.