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Contract authority

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List of authorized contracting personnel

Under the provisions of the UW Board of Regents Policy 13-1, the authority to sign UW-La Crosse contracts on behalf of the Board of Regents has been delegated to the UW-La Crosse Chancellor who, in turn, has delegated contract signature authority to only a limited number of UW-La Crosse officers.  No UW-La Crosse employees other than those with specific Chancellor delegation may sign UW-La Crosse contracts or agreements.

Q:   Who is authorized to sign contracts on behalf of UW-La Crosse? 
A:   Please see the current list of authorized contracting personnel. All individuals and organizations entering into contracts with UWL are invited to consult this list to ensure that an authorized individual has signed the contract on behalf of UWL.

Q:   What kinds of documents fall under the definition of a "contract"? 
A:   A contract is a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties (including individuals, corporations, partnerships, universities, non-profit organizations, or governmental agencies) that binds the parties to perform the mutual responsibilities, promises, and obligations described in the contract. Examples can include affiliation agreements, facility use agreements, terms and conditions of an order form or other document, leases, memoranda of agreement or understanding, and purchase agreements. The word "contract" may not appear in the title of the document; what matters is the substance of the document, not the title.

Q:   What happens if someone other than the Chancellor or a Chancellor designee signs a UW-La Crosse contract? 
A:   That person could assume personal responsibility and liability for the contract and for paying any damages, financial or otherwise, that may result. In addition, the program or activity that the contract was intended to support may be hindered by the lack of authorized signature.

Additional contract information and guidance is available at 608.785.8569