Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

The Division provides leadership and services, advocates for access, equity and inclusion for historically marginalized and systematically under-served populations.

We aspire to create a learning environment in which we prioritize critical thinking, analytical dialogue, and meaningful educational interactions for the collective campus, local, regional, and state-wide communities.

The Division creates an inclusive environment for preparedness, global awareness, and service to others (2018).


Hear from our leaders


Barbara Stewart

Vice Chancellor
Diversity & Inclusion

At the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, diversity and inclusion are integral to the achievement of excellence.

It is our belief that the incorporation of diversity and inclusion can enhance and promote UW-La Crosse' s capacity to understand and articulate a global perspective that is inclusive of intersections of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability and other significant aspects of individual and cultural identity. Through the implementation of Inclusive Excellence initiatives, UW-La Crosse pledges to continue to commit human and financial resources in support of an inclusive campus climate.

By providing that support it is our goal to attract and retain diverse students, faculty and staff and promote a dynamic living/learning environment vital for academic excellence and global citizenship.

Dina Zavala

Dina Zavala

Assistant Vice Chancellor for D&I and Affirmative Action Officer 



Joe Gow

Chancellor's Office

UWL values diversity both in our programs and in the people who learn and work here. We are committed to ensuring an intellectually challenging, welcoming, and respectful learning environment for all people of diverse perspectives, races, ethnic backgrounds, ages, genders, religions, sexual orientations, abilities, socioeconomic status, family situations, national origins, and other individual differences.

Students, administrators, faculty, staff, and community members learn and work in a physically and psychologically safe environment where they are valued for their similarities and differences. Differences are recognized as valued resources for the academic, cultural, and personal development that has occurred in our country and our world; therefore, they are viewed as essential to an intellectually stimulating environment.

An atmosphere that fosters the exploration of issues from multiple perspectives fosters academic exploration and growth. Because diversity is an integral part of UWL, students graduate with a commitment to being culturally knowledgeable world citizens.


Betsy Morgan

Provost and Vice Chancellor
Academic Affairs

What does it mean to provide leadership to Academic Affairs in the area of diversity? For me, it means a commitment to continually evolving the campus by listening and working across the units of student and academic affairs. 

At UWL, Inclusive Excellence reflects involvement from students, staff, and faculty from across the campus – each of whom brings perspectives on the myriad of ways that the university is experienced by the individuals who create the campus climate.  Leadership on diversity also means that we listen acutely to those whose professional and personal experiences interface closely with individuals who come from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.  Unique to academic affairs is a focus on the student learning aspects of diversity including a host of interrelated areas such as curricular infusion, barriers to student success, promotion of universal design for optimal student learning, and awareness of the role of instructors in creating inclusive environments that promote academic equity and success. 

Join me in actively exploring the ways in which our own experiences inform our work and in challenging ourselves to be genuine citizens of the 21st century.


Vitaliano Figueroa

Vice Chancellor
Student Affairs

Greetings from the Division of Student Affairs,

As the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, I am excited that at UWL our commitment to diversity has led us to the development of the Division of Diversity and Inclusion.  Diversity and inclusion is essential because it allows students from various backgrounds to discover different ways of looking at and experiencing the world around them.  By embracing diversity and inclusion, an environment is created that allows for the exchange of ideas and sharing of perspectives.  Additionally, a diverse and inclusive environment allows for friendships and relationships to develop that will, in turn, enhance our students' university experience.

An understanding of diversity, in all forms, is crucial in preparing our future leaders. Diversity and inclusion are integral to all facets of Student Affairs and serve as the impetus that drives the division and departmental goals and objectives.  As a result, we, at the Division of Student Affairs, continue to support initiatives and expand programs that will support student success and personal growth.