Diversity & Inclusion


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The Division provides leadership and services, and advocates for access, equity, and inclusion for historically marginalized and systematically under-served populations. The Division creates an inclusive environment for preparedness, global awareness, and service to others.


We aspire to create a learning environment in which we prioritize critical thinking, analytical dialogue, and meaningful educational interactions for the collective campus, local, regional, and state-wide communities.



Equity: We acknowledge that our current educational, social, economic, and political systems are unjust. We act by developing resources to advance equitable opportunities and outcomes for all, focusing on eliminating barriers that prevent the full participation of historically excluded populations.


Justice: We believe justice develops and supports systems of accountability that center marginalized voices and is grounded in the acknowledgment of historical and current injustices, trauma, and structures of power rooted in white supremacy. We commit to individual and collective action towards truth, reconciliation, access to equitable reparations, healing, and liberation through anti-oppressive practices.

Community & Belonging

Community and Belonging: We work to create a sense of belonging—the feeling that each of us matters to one another and the whole. We believe this work begins with each of us individually and carries forward to our respective departments, Division, campus, and community at large. By fostering that interconnectedness, we create a collaborative learning environment in which barriers are eliminated, voices are lifted, and students and staff feel safe and supported.

Personal Growth

Personal Growth:  We are committed to lifelong learning and self-improvement of skills, qualities, goals, and understanding of diverse perspectives.