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About the Office of Title IX and Compliance

The Office of Title IX and Compliance is a part of UWL's Division of Diversity and Inclusion.  This office is responsible for the oversight of Title IX, Compliance, and ADA.  

Mission Statement

The Office of Title IX and Compliance is dedicated to furthering the mission of the University of Wisconsin La Crosse while ensuring compliance with all applicable federal and state laws, regulations and Board of Regents policies. 

UWL is committed to preventing and responding to sexual misconduct in order to ensure a safe and equitable educational environment for all.  This office is responsible for responding to reports of sexual misconduct, taking immediate action to eliminate sexual harassment or sexual violence, preventing its recurrence, and addressing its effects. 

We believe compliance is a shared responsibility, with every member of the university community understanding those responsibilities and being accountable for their actions.  The office collaborates with other campus partners to mitigate compliance risk and promote ethical conduct throughout the university.

With respect to Title IX, this office aims to:

  • Collaborate with other university offices to educate all campus community members in how to prevent, identify, and report discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence
  • Monitor complaints of discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence
  • Conduct fair and impartial investigations of each complaint
  • Utilize information from monitoring and investigating report to inform prevention education
  • Connect those affected by discrimination, harassment, and gender-based violence with campus and community resources

With respect to compliance, this office aims to:

  • Ensure institutional perspective and mission is always present
  • Comply with both the letter and the spirit of law, statutes, regulations, and university policies in achieving institutional compliance

A Message from Chancellor Joe Gow

Chancellor Joe Gow

"As chancellor, I am personally committed to the effort to combat sexual misconduct at UWL. In order to fulfill our educational mission, we must provide an opportunity for everyone to live, learn, and work in a safe and non-discriminatory environment. Anyone who experiences sexual misconduct — including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and other forms of sexual violence — should know that they are not alone and that help is available. I encourage all students, faculty, and staff to learn more and get involved in our effort to maintain a safe and respectful campus community. It's on us!"