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Title IX Teams

A page within Title IX

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse carries out the objectives of Title IX through a coordinated system of initiatives, programs, and services that collectively protect educational access, advance gender equity, and prevent and respond to sexual harassment, sexual violence, and gender discrimination.  In order to live out this objective and ensure compliance with Federal, State, Board of Regent, and University policies, the Office of Title IX and Compliance has identified and created two groups to assist the Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Coordinators:  Title IX Advisory Team, and Title IX Investigative Team.  The teams and the members that make up each team are described below.


Title IX Coordinator

Mike Durnin  Profile of Mike Durnin

Int Title IX & Compliance Director
145 Graff Main Hall

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Kara Ostlund  Profile of Kara Ostlund

Dean of Students (Inst) (B)
149G Graff Main Hall

Title IX Advisory Team

This team will address the safety needs of the UWL community as well as gather information and provide regular feedback on observations to the Director of Title IX and Compliance regarding the Title IX process, policies and practices, and the university’s efforts in its implementation of Title IX on its campus. The offices represented on the Title IX Advisory Team shall include, but are not limited to: Student Life, Violence Prevention, Human Resources, University Police, Athletics, University Centers, and representatives from the shared governance groups. While Title IX and Compliance with the law is everyone’s responsibility at the university, this team will have primary responsibility to ensure we are meeting federal, state, regent, and NCAA obligations as it relates to Title IX.

Kara Ostlund  Profile of Kara Ostlund

Student Affairs
Dean of Students (Inst) (B)

Allen Hill  Profile of Allen Hill

University Police Services
Chief of Police (Inst)

Kyle Burke  Profile of Kyle Burke

University Centers
Director of University Ctrs & Student Engmt

Leslie Fell  Profile of Leslie Fell

Records & Registration
Student Processing Specialist

Title IX Investigation Team

This team will ensure the consistent application of the policy and allows the University to respond promptly and equitably to eliminate misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects.  The Title IX Investigation team coordinates the review, investigation, and resolution of reports and ensures that all appropriate supportive measures are implemented. Note: This team may be assisted by Universities of Wisconsin Title IX personnel when appropriate.

Kara Ostlund  Profile of Kara Ostlund

Student Affairs
Dean of Students (Inst) (B)

Anna Mayer  Profile of Anna Mayer

Human Resources
Employee Relations Manager