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Campus Programs

Our wellness programs are programs, games, and activities created by Peer Health Advocates on a wide variety of topics. These programs can be requested by residence assistants, athletic and intramural teams, clubs, and organizations. All you have to do is request the program you are interested in and a trained Peer Health Advocate will bring the program along with any materials needed to you and facilitate the program with your group.

To request a program as a Resident Assistant, Student Org representative, or classroom instructor; or to request supplies or health information, please use our request form

The following campus programs are being offered through the Violence Prevention Office and Wellness and Health Advocacy.

Campus Programs

GoalTo educate participants about the early warning signs of relationship abuse and what they can do if they witness or experience these warning signs. The Escalation Workshop is a 90-minute film-based discussion led by trained facilitators and does not work as well in a drop-in format.

Goal: To engage students in practicing bystander intervention techniques in a variety of situations, including alcohol misuse, mental health concerns, sexual assault, interpersonal violence, and hate and bias incidents. This program is facilitated with a PowerPoint and does not work as well in a drop-in format.

Goal: To educate students about proper use of barrier methods including condoms, dental dams, and internal condoms. Increase students’ knowledge of sexual health related topics including abstinence, contraception, STIs/STDs, healthy relationship and communication, and human biology. Increase students’ confidence and comfort of sexual health information and contraceptive methods. Educate students about how to communicate consent and boundaries in relationships. This program encompasses a wide variety of both sexual health and violence prevention topics.

Goal: To educate students on active consent through the metaphor of creating and sharing a pizza. Please note that the program requestor will need to supply pizza (typically ordered from Chartwells). This program is facilitated with a PowerPoint and does not work as well in a drop-in format.

Campus Education

The following course is mandated for UWL employees to complete every three (3) years or when there is a policy change.

Campus Education

To fulfill both state and federal mandates that colleges and universities train all new, incoming students on sexual violence prevention, all incoming UWL students (undergrads and grad students) are expected to complete:  

EVERFI Required Online Training Courses Sexual Assault Prevention (SAP) 

Students will receive required online training prior to the beginning of the semester.  Students are expected to complete the course before the deadline provided.  Students that do not complete the course will receive a hold on their WINGS account that will prevent registration.  You can work at your pace from any computer (requires Flash player). Y ou can leave and return to the course at any time, and when you return, it will open on the page you left off.

Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

All new incoming freshman and transfer students will receive SAP for Undergrads prior to fall classes beginning.  They will receive SAP for Undergrads Part 2 mid-October.

Graduate Students On Campus

All new incoming graduate students on campus will receive SAP for Graduate Students prior to fall classes beginning. 

Graduate Students Online 

All new incoming graduate students online will receive SAP for Adult Learners prior to fall classes beginning.

As employees of the State of Wisconsin and UWL, we all have an obligation to act in accordance with legal standards and ethical principles. In order to ensure that you are best prepared to fulfill these obligations for the benefit of yourself, your colleagues and students, UWL has partnered with Everfi/LawRoom to provide web-based training courses to all of our employees.

The UWL training window is open annually starting July 1st and closes December 31st.  New employees will receive training upon start date and are required to complete within 30 days of start date.  

Emails come from “Law Room” or EverFi (University of Wisconsin - La Crosse with access by NetID and UWL password. If you are assigned a course, you will receive an email notice weekly until all training is complete.   It is recommended that you complete the training in Firefox or Google Chrome.  If you do not receive emails during this time, please check your Clutter or Junk mail boxes.  You can also log in directly to your LawRoom training dashboard to complete the compliance training. 

Reports will be generated monthly and shared with supervisors.

Official Title: Intersections: Preventing Harassment & Sexual Violence

Mandatory: Yes

Frequency: Every 3-years or when there is a policy change

New Faculty and Staff: Within 30 days of start date at UWL

Student Employees: Graduate Assistants only

Time Commitment/Format: ~45 minutes online (employee version); ~1 hour (supervisor version)

Campus Presentations

The following presentations were presented to various groups of the campus community. 

Date Audience Topic
September 11, 2020 Confidential Resources Overview of the Major Changes to Title IX
September 16, 2020 Student Association Overview of the Major Changes to Title IX
September 18, 2020 Violence Prevention Advisory Committee (VPAC) Overview of the Major Changes to Title IX
September 29, 2020 University Police Overview of the Major Changes to Title IX
October 20, 2020 Residence Life Staff Working with Residents: How to Have Conversations Related to Sexual Misconduct
October 27, 2020 Faculty Senate Executive Committee Overview of the Major Changes to Title IX