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Peer health advocates

A page within Wellness and Health Advocacy


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What is a Peer Health Advocate?

Peer Health Advocates are UWL students with a passion for promoting comprehensive wellness on campus. PHAs collaborate to create training workshops, presentations, and programs focused on health‐related decision making, increasing knowledge and awareness of common health problems affecting college students, and encouraging students to advocate for their health needs. They facilitate health education and health promotion programs on campus with the support of campus partners.

Wellness & Health Advocacy hires new Peer Health Advocates at the end of each semester based on the number of open positions. Look for us on Handshake

PHA Job Description

As a PHA, you have the opportunity to explore your health-related passions, grow in both personal and professional capacities, and develop relationships with other like-minded students. The skills you learn in this job will stay with you throughout your entire professional career.

The most successful PHAs are those that dive into their work and view this job as an opportunity to grow and develop skills and strengths. It should never feel stressful, and you should never dread coming to work as a PHA – this is a fun job! Wellness & Health Advocacy seeks to educate the UWL campus community about wellness by setting a positive example, so set boundaries and know your limits. But most importantly invest in yourself and have fun! 

Peer Health Advocates are responsible for representing Wellness & Health Advocacy and assisting the Coordinator of Student Wellness with the development, facilitation, and evaluation of health promotion events; the creation of social media, marketing, and educational content; and the promotion of and advocacy for comprehensive wellness services and education. Please review the following list of specific duties and responsibilities. 

  • Attend and participate in weekly PHA staff meetings
    • This is the only required commitment each week
  • Author or co-author one Stall Seat Journal per academic year
  • Create accurate, relevant, appealing, and on-brand social media content on a regular basis for @uwlpeerhealth
  • Create appealing and informative marketing and education content when requested (posters, digital signs, bulletin boards, handouts, passive education, etc.)
  • Facilitate presentations and programs that focus on health-related topics, use evidence-based resources, and reinforce the mission of Wellness & Health Advocacy
  • Develop new programs and revise current materials when applicable and upon instruction from the Coordinator of Student Wellness
  • Assist the Coordinator of Student Wellness in the evaluation and revision of programs when requested
  • Collaborate with campus partners (Residence Life, University Centers, the Counseling and Testing Center, CAB, student organizations, the Student Health Center, other campus offices, Greek Life partners, student athletes, student staff, etc.) regarding programming
  • Promote a culture of wellness at UWL through education, advocacy, and through being a trusted and effective referral maker to health-related services on and off campus
  • Engage in classroom, residence hall, and campus-wide presentations with the Coordinator of Student Wellness
  • Participate in mid-semester and end-of-semester performance reviews
  • Other duties as assigned 

Expected time commitment is about 5 hours per week with regular meetings and program facilitation. Peer Health Advocates are compensated $8.25 per hour.

  • Average commitment of 5 hours per week
  • Limit of 10 hours per two week pay period

Required Qualifications 

  • Awareness of personal strengths, areas for growth, and leadership abilities
  • Ability to set and evaluate goals and objectives
  • Ability to approach and speak to students and student groups
  • Comfort working independently and collaboratively
  • Ability to listen and ask questions with empathy; ability to make referrals when applicable to a student’s situation
  • Willingness to work in an environment where comprehensive wellness topics are identified and discussed in detail (sexual wellbeing, alcohol and other drugs, etc.)
  • Passion for health and wellness 

Desired Qualifications 

  • Experience with leadership, public speaking, and/or group facilitation 
  • Aligned academic studies (public health, recreation, education, psychology, etc.) 
  • Interest in program material development and/or social media content creation