Wellness and Health Advocacy

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Canned wellness programs are programs, games, and activities created by health educators on a wide variety of topics. These programs can be requested by residence assistants, athletic and intramural teams, clubs, and organizations. All you have to do is request the program you are interested in and a trained Peer Health Advocate will bring the program along with any materials needed to you and facilitate the program with your group.

 Check out the topics below to get an idea of all we can offer. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, email Wellness and we will work with you to create something new!  

To request a program, email wellness@uwlax.edu at least two weeks before the desired date.

Alcohol Skillz 

Goal: Students will participate in hands-on activities focused on alcohol safety and learn risk reduction techniques in a game or activity format.

A Culture of Drinking

Goal: To engage students in discussions around the impact of alcohol in our culture from media influence, to cultural and social norms, considering both positive and negative impacts of alcohol in the La Crosse community, in WI, and in the U.S.

Personal Decisions Around Alcohol Use

Goal: Students will explore identification of their own values and how their decision-making and habits contribute to or detract from their values.

Alcohol and Group Dynamics

Goal: To engage students in exploration of how the values of groups affect alcohol-related decision-making, will discuss peer influence, and will be introduced to bystander intervention activities.



Portable Zen Dens

Goal: Educate students on contemplative practices and exercises to reduce stress and encourage mindfulness. This program includes guided activities such as Buddha Boards, mandala coloring, guided meditation, happy lamps, journaling exercises, and more.

Stress Management

Goal: Engage students in active recovery and other distress and stress management techniques.

General Mental Health: Jeopardy!

Goal: Quiz and educate students on disorders, protective factors and mangement strategies, and facts related to mental health at UWL.

Condom Bingo 

Goal: To educate students about proper use of barrier methods including; condoms, dental dams, and internal condoms. Increase students’ knowledge of sexual health related topics including abstinence, contraception, STIs/STDs, healthy relationship and communication, and human biology. Increase students’ confidence and comfort of sexual health information and contraceptive methods. 

Sex Trivia

Goal: To engage students in a game-style setting in learning about sexual health and healthy relationships.  

Discussions After Dark 

Goal: Students will engage in a conversation guided by a sexual health expert about the topic of sex and sexual health in a comfortable, managed environment. Experts will guide discussions so that they remain appropriate, inclusive, and factual.  

Sex-pert Panel 

Goal: Students will be able to ask questions regarding sexual health to a panel of diverse local and campus professionals who work in sexual health education and healthy relationships. 

Trust Your Move: Healthy Relationship Building 101

Goal:  To engage students in decision making scenarios about trust and boundaries within everyday relationships.

Consent Bingo

Goal: To educate students about how to communicate consent and boundaries in relationships.

Bystander Intervention Training 

Goal: To engage students in practicing bystander intervention techniques for sexual assault and interpersonal relationship violence. 

Breakfast Club

Goal: To educate students about the importance of a healthy breakfast and discuss ways to incorporate a healthy breakfast into their daily routine. This program comes with supplies needed to make smoothies!

Safe Bicycling in the La Crosse Area 

Goal: Engage students in safe bicycling around the city of La Crosse.  

Other Tobacco Products Presentations 

Goal: To educate students about e-cigarettes and tobacco products that aren’t the traditional cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, or chewing tobacco. 

Escalation Workshop

The Escalation Workshop is a 90-minute film-based discussion led by trained faciliators. 

Goal: To educate participants about about the early warning signs of relationship abuse and what they can do if they witness or expereience these warning signs. 



Other programs that Wellness and Health Advocacy can offer on an individual basis or as a campus-wide event include:

Alcohol & other drug education

Sexual health education

Mental health promotion

  • The Bandana Project (Depression and Anxiety Support and Awareness) The Bandana Project
  • Zen Dens. Zen Dens are mini contemplative practice centers available for students. Zen Dens feature trained contemplative practice guides who can provide an ear to listen, or instruction on how to practice some of the exercises available to you. Student ID is required. Zen Den services include:
    • Deep, person-centered listening
    • Buddha Boards
    • Coloring Mandalas
    • Guided Meditations
    • Journaling Exercises
    • Gratefulness Reflections
    • Mindfulness Activities
    • Resiliency Exercises 
    • Finger Labyrinths
    • Happy Lamps