COVID-19 Update

Our operational status

All staff in the Student Life Office are working remotely during normal business hours, until further notice. If you have a general question, please contact or 608.785.8062.

For more information: UWL's COVID-19 info hub

Update on SLO Services During Shelter In Place

Because of the current shelter in place status at UWL through September 28th, the Student Life Office will be providing its student support services remotely during normal business hours.If you have a unit specific question or need a specific appointment with a representative in our office, we encourage you to visit our "Our People" page. Most staff members provide a "Meet with me" link that will allow you to directly schedule an appointment. If you have a general question, please contact us using our email address at: or call us at 608.785.8062. Our goal is to respond to phone calls as quickly as possible, on business days. We do request your understanding regarding any delays. With recent COVID activity on the campus, we are doing our best to address the larger volume and nature of calls and email we are receiving.

What matters most in the Student Life Office is student success.

Our purpose in the Student Life Office is to support and encourage students’ growth and well-being in ways that enable them to thrive. We strive to empower students to share responsibility in the learning process and to create a positive learning community. Learn more about our Mission »

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