Extended Wellness Weekend

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What should I know?

Wellness Weekend is October 13-15, 2023. There will be no classes on Friday, October 13, with the exception of labs and classes that only meet on Fridays, and no due dates for exams, papers, and other assignments from Friday, October 15 to Monday, October 16. Learn more here.

What should I do?

Wellness Weekend is the perfect opportunity dedicate a little extra time to your health and wellbeing. And because "wellness" can mean different things to different people, students may choose to spend their Wellness Weekends in different ways. Here are some ideas!

  • Dedicate time to your mental health by practicing stress management techniques, exploring mindfulness, or seeking support
  • Enhance your physical wellness by trying a new form of exercise, taking a break from alcohol or other substances, or making a healthy meal
  • Support your academic and career wellbeing by getting caught up assignments or exploring new opportunities
  • Celebrate your spiritual wellness by attending a religious service or taking a mindful nature walk

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