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What matters most in the Student Life Office is student success.

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is committed to its belief in mens corpusque (“mind and body”) and seeks to provide a student-centered education in environments that are safe, diverse, equitable, inclusive, and engaging. Our purpose in the Student Life Office is to support and encourage students’ growth and well-being in ways that enable them to thrive. We strive to empower students to share responsibility in the learning process and to create a positive learning community. Our vision is that students will participate actively in this process, unlimited by ability, culture, gender, race, sexuality, religion, or socioeconomic barriers. We imagine students becoming self-determined individuals and well-informed citizens who are caring and compassionate for others and themselves.

The Student Life Office challenges students through individual and group interventions, and we support them by offering innovative programs and opportunities. Our outreach includes wellness programming, alcohol and drug education, policy and safety awareness, violence prevention, and other activities that support student transitions to and through the university. We recognize that collaboration is important to students' success and we aim to work closely with faculty, staff, and families to ensure our work is mindful, supportive, and current.

(updated January 2019) 

Kara Ostlund  Profile of Kara Ostlund  Meet with me

Dean of Students (Institute) (B)
149G Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Title IX; Federal, State, and Institutional Compliance; Conduct Education; Students in Distress; UWS Chapter 14, 17, and 18; Clery; FERPA; Student Rights

Student Life Front Office

Kathryn Oleson  Profile of Kathryn Oleson

Business Manager
149B Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Student Affairs

Diversity & Inclusion

Taylor Zanotti  Profile of Taylor Zanotti

Student Life Specialist
149 Graff Main Hall

Blythe McConaughey  Profile of Blythe McConaughey

Violence Prevention Specialist
149B Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Violence Intervention, Awareness and Prevention

Feminist Studies

LGBTQ+ Studies

Trauma Informed Care

Campus and Community Referrals 

Issy Beach  Profile of Issy Beach

Student Wellness Coordinator
Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Sexual health and sexuality education, holistic wellness, peer education

Graduate Assistants

Macy Carty  Profile of Macy Carty  Meet with me

132 Wentz Hall

Specialty areas:

Residence Life


Volunteering & Community Engagement