Medical withdrawal

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Starting the Medical Withdrawal Process

If you are wondering whether a medical withdraw is right for you, please schedule a meeting with the Student Life Office by calling 608-785-8062 or emailing We understand that some medical concerns may make it difficult to attend an in-person meeting; due to this consideration, you can schedule your meeting over-the-phone. 

During this meeting you will:

  • Meet with Student Life staff to discuss your situation
  • Talk about the implications of taking a medical withdrawal
  • Ask questions about the medical withdrawal process
  • Understand what information you will need to provide to complete your medical withdrawal from UWL
  • Discuss other options that might be more beneficial

Once you have made the decision to pursue a medical withdrawal, you will begin the withdrawal paperwork in the Student Life Office. 

  • The withdrawal paperwork requires that you get signatures from the following offices (if applicable): 
    • Financial Aid
    • Parking Services
    • Textbook Rental
    • University Centers (Meal Plan)
    • Residence Hall Director 
    • International Education
    • Veteran Services

Once you have completed the withdrawal paperwork you will still need to provide documentation, fully explained in the next section. 

We understand that some medical conditions may limit your ability to complete this task, please inform Student Life staff about any limitations, as we would like to make any accommodations to the process to meet your needs. 

Completing Your Medical Withdrawal

Once you completed the withdrawal paperwork, there is one more step to complete your medical withdrawal. You must work with a healthcare provider to get the necessary Letter to Complete a Medical Withdrawal. Please see our Health Care Provider Letter Requirements here.

Once we receive this letter, we will review it to be sure that it meets all requirements for a medical withdrawal. If the letter is approved, we will notify:

  • Your college dean's office
  • Records and Registration
  • Cashier's Office
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Counseling and Testing
  • Student Health Center
  • Your instructors

Once the medical withdrawal is processed, you will be notified via letter sent to the address you provided on your withdrawal paperwork. 

Medical Withdrawal Policy

A medical withdrawal is granted in instances where a student is faced with a serious or unexpected condition that completely precludes the student from being able to function as a student and in which the regular university withdrawal process is not appropriate.

A request may be granted to students who experience a serious or unexpected physical or behavioral health condition; who may need to provide care to an immediate family member who is experiencing a serious or unexpected physical or behavioral health condition; or who have experienced the death of an immediate family member. In the case of pre-existing, recurring, or chronic health conditions, documentation must show that the recurrence or worsening of the condition(s) began after initiation of the term for which the withdrawal is requested. Approval will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Whenever possible, requests for medical withdrawal should begin in the Student Life Office and occur during the term in which the medical condition arose. Students may apply for a retroactive medical withdrawal up to one year after the end of the term in question. The withdrawal request must be supported by a letter from a health care provider which describes the limitations on the student’s continued participation in courses. In the case of death of an immediate family member, an obituary or other official record of death may be requested as documentation. When appropriate, Student Life will consult with the Student Health Center, the appropriate Dean's Office, the Dean of Graduate Studies and Extended Learning, the appropriate graduate program director, and all of the student's instructors. When the withdrawal is completed, the Records and Registration Office will notify instructors if a grade is required.

For courses in which the student has withdrawn, the permanent academic record will show no credits were earned. The last date of class attendance shall be considered the official withdrawal date to be used by the Records and Registration Office for recording academic record class drops and term withdrawals. The status of the student’s grades at the time of the withdrawal will be posted. The record will show one of the following grades submitted by the instructor: "EP" (emergency withdrawal passing) or "EF" (emergency withdrawal failing). Such grades will not be included in the computation of the term or cumulative grade point average.

Any exception to the policies of the medical withdrawal must be appealed through the Student Life Office to the University’s Committee on Academic Policies and Standards(CAPS) or Graduate Council. A decision by CAPS or Graduate Council is final.

Returning from a Medical Withdrawal

Students returning to UWL from a medical withdrawal have several tasks they need to complete to return. These tasks are designed to provided continued support and care as students return. If you have any questions regarding the medical withdrawal process, please contact the Student Life Office at 608-785-8062 or at

Students returning for a medical withdrawal will need to complete the following steps:

As a student returns from medical withdrawal:

  • During the first week of classes
    • Schedule a meeting with Student Life staff
    • During this meeting Student Life staff and the student will discuss the following:
      • Reflection on time away from UWL
      • Transition plan back to UWL
      • Dates and deadlines important for students returning
      • Support the student needs moving forward
      • Referrals needed to support the student’s transition to UWL
      • Schedule follow-up meetings if necessary