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Parking Services

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2024-25 Student Permit Sales

Student permit sales will begin in July based on the schedule below. All sales begin at 8am. We will send an email with purchase instructions and helpful hints the first week of July.

Graduate/Seniors/Juniors (60+ credits): Monday, July 8th

Sophomores (30-59 credits): Monday, July 15th

Freshman (under 30 credits): Monday, July 22nd

***Online permit sales will NOT be available on the weekends (4:30pm on Friday through 8:00am on Monday).


Parking Enforcement Officer - 2024-25

Student Employment Opening

Patrol university parking lots and issue citations for violations of the university's parking regulations. Employees will typically work 5-10 hours per week.

Pay rate: $11/hour.

Application Required: Apply on Handshake, Recruitment #8910234. Applications due on 8/1/2024 at 4pm

Contact Information: Troy Richter, 608-785-8056,

Park. Pay. Be On Your Way.

A permit is required to park on campus. Those without permits may use the Passport Parking mobile app to pay for parking.   

Passport Parking zone numbers are: 

C-1: 350 C-9: 671
C-2: 669 C-12: 673
C-3: 6730 Ramp (levels 1-3): 351
C-5: 1463 Farwell, 16th & 17th Street by Ramp: 450
C-7: 670 HSC: 371



Passport Parking Offers Hourly, Overnight Rates

The Passport Parking mobile app is available in ten commuter lots on campus. Zone numbers are posted on the lot signs. The mobile app defaults to a $1 per hour rate between 2 a.m.-7 p.m. and a $5 overnight rate from 7 p.m.-2 a.m.  


Weekend Parking Permits

Weekend visitors can purchase a weekend permit at Parking Services prior to the close of business on Friday afternoon. Students, faculty, and staff may purchase permits on behalf of campus visitors. The vehicle license plate is required at the time of purchase.

The cost is $10 and covers overnight parking for Friday and Saturday. Additional fees will be charged to park longer. Parking regulations are not enforced in commuter lots on Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. - 2 a.m. 

Parking Permit Fees

Permit Type: 2024-25 Rates
Resident (students living on campus)

$250 - Annual

$173 - Semester

Commuter (students living off campus, employees)

$198 - Annual

$140 - Semester


$83 - Annual

$42 - Semester


$68 - All Summer

$26 - Per Session

J-Term $43
Hourly (in commuter lots with the Passport Parking mobile app) $1 per Hour
Overnight (max of 7 consecutive nights) $5 per Night

Please Keep Our Lots Clean