Parking Services

Spring Parking Permit Drawing

A limited number of commuter and resident parking permits will be available for Spring Semester. These permits will be sold through our wait list, beginning on Tuesday, December 7th. 

Students will be selected by random draw and notified by email. PLEASE watch your UWL email account and follow the instructions (including a deadline) in the email to purchase the permit.

To be added to the wait list: Send us an email (from your UWL email address). Include if you live on-campus (& which hall) or off-campus, and list your top 3 preferred lots.

Your Plate is Your Permit

UWL uses license plates as permits. Hangtags and decals are no longer required so long as you've purchased a valid permit to park on campus.

Watch this video to see it how it works: 

Pay Stations Offer Hourly, Overnight Rates

Pay stations are located in seven commuter lots on campus. Customers use their license plates as their permits, and display of a receipt is not necessary. The pay stations offer an option to enter a cell phone number to receive an alert when time is about to expire. Customers can reply, via text message, to purchase additional time. The pay stations default to a $5 overnight rate from 7 p.m.-2 a.m. and charge $1 per hour between 2 a.m.-7 p.m.


Smartphone App Offers Easy, Hourly Parking Alternative

Pay-by-phone is available at any UWL pay station. Visitors can download the Passport Parking app to their smartphones or visit the website to create an account. Visitors can then add time remotely by selecting one of the numbered zones on campus. Visitors use their license plates to validate transactions. Instructions are located on the pay stations.

How to use the Passport Parking app! video



  • Resident (students living on campus): $240 annual, $166 semester
  • Commuter (students living off campus, employees): $190 annual, $135 semester
  • Motorcycle/Moped: $80 annual, $40 semester
  • Summer: $25 per session, $65 all summer
  • J-Term: $41
  • Hourly: $1 in commuter lots with pay stations/mobile app zones
  • Overnight: $5 per night, maximum of seven consecutive nights