Textbook Rental

COVID-19 Alert

Assistance from Textbook Rental during COVID-19: Textbook Rental Services will be physically closed until further notice. However, you may email and call us with your questions or concerns!


The following was emailed to all registered summer session students as of 4/29/2020.

Textbook Rental will be shipping out textbooks via FedEx for summer sessions. At this time there will not be an option to pick up textbooks in-person. In order to do so successfully, we need your assistance with the following steps:

Shipping Address:

  • Please verify your local address listed in WINGS by May 8th. This local address will be the shipping address for your summer textbooks.

  • If you need to change your local address, directions on how to do so can be found here.

Shipping Timeline

  • Return of spring semester textbooks are required for summer session, therefore summer session will be shipped out as promptly as possible upon their return.

    • All first session textbooks will be shipped by June 1st or sooner. This is unavoidable due to the current circumstances and instructors have been made aware of this situation.

    • Textbooks for second and third summer sessions will be shipped after the first session books.

  • Please be aware that late course additions will affect the above timing for associated textbook shipment.


  • At this time, summer session textbooks are due back per normal guidelines of the following day after the last day of finals, i.e., Monday, August 17, 2020. If there is a change in procedures before this date, it will be communicated via your UWL email.


There will be a curbside drop off available during the hours of 11am-5pm on May 14, 15, and 18 on the north side of the Student Union, located on Farwell St. 

In addition to the curbside drop off, a pre-paid shipping label has been sent via email to each student with a  Spring Semester textbook currently checked out through Textbook Rental Services. The following was emailed 4/24/2020: 

1. Due Date:

  1. The shipping date MUST be on or before the due date of May 18th to avoid paying any penalties. If the shipping date is after May 18th, a $20 processing fee and $10 per item charge(s) will apply.  Many of the textbooks are needed for summer session, so a timely return is also greatly appreciated by your fellow students.

  1. If textbooks are shipped 10 calendar days after the due date, i.e. May 28th, or if course material(s) are returned with damage beyond normal wear and tear, then your student account will be charged for the replacement cost at 75% of the publisher’s list price for a new copy, in addition to the processing fee and per item charge(s).

 2. Following this email, you will be emailed a pre-paid shipping label from FedEx. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours, please let us know ASAP.

  1. All Textbook Rental textbooks must be shipped back at the same time in one package as there is only one pre-paid label per student.

  2. Please place textbooks in a garbage bag or wrap them in plastic to help avoid damages in transit. Damage is your responsibility.

  3. Below is a list of all textbooks currently checked out under your student account.

  4. You MUST ship your package via FEDERAL EXPRESS. The label that is emailed to you must be taped to the exterior of the top of the box.

  5. Textbook Rental signs for all packages when they arrive. That information is logged into the shipper’s database by tracking number so you can track your shipment and have proof of delivery.

  3. You MUST send an email from your UWL email account to textbook@uwlax.edu the same day you ship your course materials.

  1. In the Subject Line of the email, please type the words, “LAST NAME, FIRST NAME: COURSE MATERIALS RETURN”.

  2. In the body of the e-mail, please include your name and your UWL student number, your Federal Express tracking number and the individual 14 digit barcode number found in the upper right hand corner on the back cover of all your course materials.

The general purpose of Textbook Rental Services is to provide textbooks and related resources to meet the educational needs of UW-La Crosse undergraduate students and the UWL academic departments and programs.  Textbook Rental Services is not intended to fulfill all student, faculty, or classroom resource material needs.  Undergraduate students pay a textbook rental fee each semester as part of their tuition to support the textbook rental program.  Graduate students purchase their textbooks at the University Bookstore.

Please let us know how we can help you with your textbook and course material needs! Stop down to the lower level of the Student Union for a visit or give us a call at 785-8853.