Textbook Rental

NOTE FOR FALL TERM RETURN: Due to the inclement weather on December 22, the return date has been extended until Sunday, January 22. All textbooks unreturned by end of business (5pm) on January 22nd will be non-returnable and fees will apply. 

The general purpose of Textbook Rental Services is to provide textbooks to meet the educational needs of UW-La Crosse undergraduate students and the UWL academic departments and programs.   Undergraduate students pay a textbook rental fee each semester as part of their tuition to support the textbook rental program.  Textbook Rental Services is not intended to fulfill all student, faculty, or classroom resource material needs. There may be additional items recommended for purchase from the University Bookstore. Graduate students purchase all of their textbooks at the University Bookstore.

Please let us know how we can help you with your textbook and course material needs! Stop down to the lower level of the Student Union for a visit or give us a call at 785-8853.