Book return due dates

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 Due Dates for returning textbooks to Textbook Rental Services: 

Summer: Monday, August 14th 

Fall: Thursday, December 21st 

 See our Hours page for up-to-date information on the hours of operation for Textbook Rental Services and the University Bookstore. Another person is permitted to return a student’s course materials, however, the student who checked out the course materials is responsible for their return, and for payment if overdue, lost or damaged. Students taking on-line courses who are not in the area must ship their books back following the UWL Textbook Rental Shipping Procedures.  If a course is dropped within the first week of classes, a student is required to return their textbook(s) within 24 hours. 

If students do not return their textbooks within 10 days after the due date, or within 24 hours for a course dropped within the first week of classes, students forfeit the right to return their textbooks all together and will be charged 75% of the publisher's list price for a new copy, in addition to all fines and processing fees.

Please review the UW-La Crosse Textbook Services Policy and Return Policies and Fines tab for additional information on fines and processing fees. To avoid cancellation of next semester classes, please refer to the Cashier's Office website for dates students must pay charges on WINGS account in full, regardless of an invoice. 

All students are reminded to please be courteous to their fellow students. Remember, another student will be taking the same course(s) after you. Delay in returning textbook(s) means that a student may not have a book when classes start!