Wellness and Health Advocacy

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Mission Statement:

The mission of Student Life: Wellness and Health Advocacy is to provide students, staff and faculty with culturally competent health education, health promotion programming, alcohol and other drug education, community engagement, and partnership that supports and empowers the campus community to make choices and create lifelong habits that promote health and well-being across all dimensions. 


Cooperatively with the many academic and administrative departments at UW-La Crosse, Wellness and Health Advocacy recognizes the opportunity to contribute to an environment of professional as well as personal development, and aims to foster balanced lifestyles by which students, staff and faculty can achieve their full potential. 

As each of the individuals in the campus community is unique, with different goals, values, strengths, and experiences, so are their perceptions of and potentials for wellness. The job of Wellness and Health Advocacy is to provide tools, education, guidance, and support, and to cultivate and environment in which the potential for health flourishes.

Fall 2015 Peer Health Advocates and Advisor

Our Peer Health Advocate program is responsible for promoting comprehensive wellness on campus. Peers from various educational backgrounds are passionate about advocating for the health and wellbeing of their fellow UWL students. Our Peer Health Advocate program engages our community in health education in the Residence Halls, around campus, and in our classrooms. 


If you are a Student Org leader, a Resident Assistant, Staff or Faculty and would like to work with our Peer Health Advocate program, please email wellness@uwlax.edu to learn more about what we offer!