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Group Fitness

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Group Fitness Strength Class Group Fitness Strength Class
Indoor Cycling Class Indoor Cycling Class
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With our group fitness membership, you gain access to over 40 diverse classes every week led by supportive and certified instructors. Whether you're a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, our welcoming environment ensures that everyone feels empowered to prioritize their well-being and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. Together, let's redefine what it means to be healthy and embrace the joy of movement, one step at a time.

Registration Information

Group Fitness Memberships

Group Fitness classes require an additional membership. Memberships are sold as an add-on to a REC Membership, therefore, services are limited to students and members of the REC


  • $70 annual (fall and spring semester)
  • $40 per semester
  • $15 per month

Refund Policy


Payment Options

  • REC Info Counter: Credit/Debit Card, Campus Cash or Student Bill
  • Online: Credit/Debit Card

Attending Classes

Cycle classes are held in the REC Conditioning Room (150) off the lobby. All other classes, unless otherwise noted, are held in the REC Aerobics Room (101) past the entrance turnstiles.

With the exception of Cycle classes, access to each class is first-come, first-served. Cycle classes require pre-registration.

Group Fitness Class Schedule

Spring 2024 Finals Schedule 

Monday, May 6th

  • Noon- Yoga & Nidra w/Tammy
  • 3:30pm ~ Zumba w/Sydnee
  • 4:30pm ~ Cycle w/Tayler
  • 4:45pm ~ Yoga w/Lexi

Tuesday, May 7th

  • 3:30pm ~ Zumba w/ Krista
  • 4:30pm ~ Cycle w/ Tayler
  • 4:45pm ~ HIIT w/Aaron

Wednesday, May 8th

  •  Noon – Yoga & Meditation w/Tammy
  •  12:30pm ~ Cycle w/Chloe
  • 4:30pm ~ Cycle w/Chloe

Spring 2024 Group Fitness Schedule 

6:30 am   Cycle Core   Cycle Core  
7:00 am Cycle   Cycle    
7:30 am   Cycle Strength and Power
(Fitness Center)
7:45 am     Zumba & Core    
12:30 pm         Cycle
3:15 pm   Cycle Core   Cycle Core  
3:30 pm Cycle Core Zumba & Core Cycle Core Zumba & Core  
3:45 pm  Yoga Pilates Fusion   Yoga Pilates Fusion    
4:30 pm  Cycle Rhythmic Cycle Cycle Rhythmic Cycle  
4:45 pm Yoga HIIT Yoga Group Strength  
5:30 pm Cycle Core Rhythmic Cycle Cycle Core Rhythmic Cycle  
6:00 pm Zumba & Core Zumba Zumba & Core Zumba  
6:30 pm Cycle Core Cycle Core Cycle Core Cycle Core  
7:00 pm   Vinyasa Flow   Vinyasa Flow  

 Saturday Classes:
     11am Strength & Power (Fitness Center)
     12pm Cycle Core

Group Fitness Class Descriptions



Motivating instructors will coach you through an intense ride that includes flats, hills, and sprints. This class is for all levels.

Cycle Core

Motivating instructors will coach you through an intense ride that includes flats, hills and sprints followed by challenging core work off the bike. This class is for all levels.

Rhythmic Cycle

Choreographed to every pulsing beat, this inspirational cardio Cycle workout is designed to help participants stay engaged and have fun! This workout is more out of the saddle along with fun arm combos helping with overall muscular endurance and strength.

Group Strength

The name of the class says it all ~ gain overall body strength with the use of various equipment to include barbells and dumbbells all while learning the proper technique in this fun group setting.


This high intensity interval training class is efficient, effective and fun! This fierce workout combines cardio, strength moves and core training.

Strength & Power (Fitness Center)

Experienced instructors will teach and motivate you through free weight exercises such as barbell squats, deadlifts and explosive Olympic variations.

Total Body Strength   

A total body workout for all experience levels which utilizes a large variety of effective strengthening movements. This makes for a fun and challenging experience where you can continue building strength. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga:

A flowful yoga class that rhythmically connects poses with breath ~ which helps relieve stress and find peace.


This mind, body, & soul class will help reduce stress, improve strength, flexibility and posture, while reducing anxiety and so much more! Sun salutations, breathing work and poses, yoga is for everyone. Whether you’re an athlete, recovering from an injury or just want to get healthier, yoga can help.


A cardio dance exercise party with music and moves from across the globe: Cumbia, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton and much more..

Zumba & Core

Groove & sweat to pulsing Latin beats followed by an exhilarating strength session!

Free Offerings

Group Fitness Free Week

All classes on the Group Fitness Schedule are free for the first week of school 1/22/24-1/27/24. Just bring your student ID or Rec App barcode. Pre-registration is only required for cycling classes due to the limited number of bikes. 

Group Fitness Monthly Events

Candlelight Partner Yoga

February 14th 7-8pm Register Here

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with partner yoga! Bring your friend, roommate, or significant other for an evening of joy, stress reduction, and relaxation. Free for all UWL students, and no prior yoga experience is necessary.

Glow Cycle

March 1st 7-8pm Register Here

Join us for a party in the Conditioning Room, where glow paint, tape, and sticks will be provided during this fun and exhilarating cycle class. No prior cycle experience is necessary.

Learn To Swing Dance

April 12th 7-8pm Register Here

This introductory class on East Coast Swing dancing is an ideal way to spend your evening. It's tailored to beginners, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment. As you immerse yourself in the music and movements, you'll learn the basic steps and practice communicating with your dance partner through dance. Bringing your own partner is encouraged but not required. All are welcome and we hope to see you there!

Instructor Certification Classes

Cycle Certification

This Certification teaches you the information and skills needed to successfully teach group fitness cycling classes. It prepares you for both the written and practical testing in a non-threatening, comfortable environment. You will learn everything from how to set the cycle to match each participants body, correct form, safety issues, music, exercise science, proper class format and more.

  • April 26th 10am-6pm
  • Location: REC Conditioning Room
  • Instructor: Tammy Zee
  • Fee: $99 Register 

Cross HIIT Tabata

This ne H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) Tabata based program will prepare you to teach "Cross HIIT Tabata" classes at your fitness facility. Be the first to offer the intensely effective and popular workout!

  • May 3rd 10am-6pm
  • REC Aerobics Room
  • Instructor: Tammy Zee
  • Fee: $99 Register

Recreational Eagle Center (REC) Hours

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Sunday: Closed

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Outdoor Connection (OC) Hours

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Fitness Center Hours

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EZONE Esports & Gaming Hours

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Mitchell Hall Pool Hours


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Fieldhouse Hours

Access to the Fieldhouse during open rec hours is restricted to those who have a current REC membership (student, faculty/staff, alumni).

Open Rec Hours 
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Second Floor Track Hours
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There will be no summer open walking. Open walking will begin again on the first day of classes on Sept. 3, 2024

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