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Space is limited, first come first serve

Group fitness classes are a great way for people of all fitness levels to get an effective and fun workout. The group atmosphere provides motivation and encouragement to work harder and get the most out of your workout.

$40 Semester Unlimited Membership 
(14 weeks/$2.85 per week )

$15 New Monthly Unlimited Membership
(4 weeks/$3.75 per week)

Membership fees can now be placed on your student bill.  Register at the REC info counter to take advantage of this service.

*Please note there are no refunds for the unlimited group fitness membership

Receive unlimited access to every class offered.

Choose from over 45 classes per week (cardio, cycling, strength training, dance, LaXFit (new) ) with the Unlimited Group Fitness Membership. 

Daily Drop In - $3 per class, availability dependent on class size, purchase pass at REC front desk

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Berg at

7:45am Cycle & Core Cycle & Core Cycle & Core Cycle & Core  
12:05pm Tabata (35 min) Insanity (35 min) Cardio Sculpt Fusion
12:15pm     Cycle & Core
2:15pm Cardio kickbox   Cardio kickbox  
3:30pm Barre, Bells & Body Sculpt Barre, Bells & Body Sculpt
4:00pm Cycle / Core Cycle & Core Cycle & Core Cycle & Core  
4:30pm Power Yoga Zumba & Core Power Yoga Zumba & Core  
5:00pm Cycle / Core Cycle & Core Cycle & Core Cycle & Core  
5:30pm Beginning Yoga Pilates Beginning Yoga Pilates  
6:00pm Cycle & Core Cycle & Core Cycle & Core Cycle & Core  
6:30pm Strength & Tone Tabata Strength & Tone Insanity  
7:30pm Zumba & Core Strength & Tone Zumba & Core Strength & Tone  
8:30pm Kettlebell Conditioning Kettlebell Conditioning

11:00 am Bootcamp
12:00 pm Cycle & Core

Class Descriptions

Barre’ Bells and Body Sculpting 
Fusing together today’s most popular workouts Barre, Sculpting and Kettlebells. Selecting the best of the best exercises and utilizing all the equipment…Barre, Balls, Kettlebells, Bands and handheld weights helping you develop a sleek toned physique. 

Beginning Yoga
Discover yoga at a beginner’s pace.  This introductory class will teach you the basic foundations of yoga, building strength stamina and flexibility.  Chill out and decompress from your busy day.
An all-around physically challenging workout that helps develop strength, improves cardio health and drives metabolism through the roof. This workout will get you results!

Cardio Kickbox
Jab, punch & kick your way into a tight strong body to pulsing beats!  Instructors will coach you on as you train hard and get results!

Cardio Sculpt Fusion
Pouring the best of the best into one workout! HIIT, Kickboxing, Zumba, Barre sculpting and a fabulous core workout to finish. Start you weekend off with this electrifying class that has been called one of the toughest and most exhilarating workouts at the Rec.
Cycle & Core 
Not into dance based workouts? Then this workout is for you! Motivating instructors will coach you through a ride that includes climbs, hills and sprints performed to pulsing beats. Followed by 5 minutes of core work off the bike. This class is for all levels.
This life-changing, incredible body fitness workout is the number one workout in the planet! A mixture of high-intensity athletic drills and total body conditioning exercises that get you fast results. 

Kettlebell Conditioning 
This dynamic total body conditioning Kettlebell workout will target and tone your muscles and rev up your metabolism. Challenging? Yes! But oh so worth it! 

Pilates focuses on core strength while you tighten and tone your whole body.  Traditional Pilates with a mix of total body strengthening exercises improves your posture, creates muscle balance, and improves your range of motion.
Power Yoga
An energetic vinyasa flow class that heats you up from the inside out!  Dynamic sun salutations interwoven with poses to improve your strength, stamina and flexibility. Peel back the layers of stress and make that mind, body, spirit connection.
Strength & Tone
Develop long lean muscles and strong core by attending this class that incorporates handheld weights, resistance bands and core strengthening exercises.
A high-intensity interval workout that incorporates 20 seconds of high-intensity microburst exercises followed by 10 seconds of rest.  This high-intensity interval training is a total body conditioning workout that scorches calories and can burn 5X more calories post-workout giving you results.
Zumba® & Core

Dance, groove and sweat to pulsing beats. Zumba is known for toning & sculpting the entire body. This sizzling cardio workout will finish with a 5-minute cores session and cool down.


Personal TrainingStart your Personal Training journey

Step 1. Inquire at the personal training room or complete this short form.

Step 2. Our Fitness Coordinator will reach out to answer any questions you have and set up a time for a free 1 on 1 consultation

Step 3. We will match you with a package, trainer, and program to meet your needs

Step 4. Train



 1 on 1 Training

This format provides the most individualized attention and customization one can get. Whether you're looking to get stronger, faster or slimmer we will match you with a trainer who possesses the experience to help you reach your goals and is available to train when you need them. Through assessments, your program will be custom designed and implemented using sound training principles. You're in this together, our trainers will not only help motivate you but will also share their knowledge teach you skills that will build technical efficiency and confidence.


1 on 2 Training

This format allows for workout partners to work side by side with a trainer. Partner training has all the benefits of 1 on 1 but your individual needs will be addressed through a combined training program. This format is a fun and motivating way to reach your goals at an affordable rate.


Lax Fit small group training

These up-tempo total body circuits are run by our trainers throughout the day and utilize a plethora of turf equipment to give you the best workout you can pack into 45 minutes. Using functional multi-joint exercises and metabolic circuits we guarantee your metabolism and muscles will burn long after the session has ended. Sessions allow for 3-5 in a group. You can either drop in or sign up with friends. This is our most affordable and time-effective option.



One-on-One Training  
8 sessions $112 ($14/session)
12 sessions $156  ($13/session)
24 sessions $300 ($12.5/session)
Partner Training  
8 sessions $64 ($8/session)
12 sessions $84  ($7/session)
24 sessions $156 ($6.5/session)
Group Training (3-5 people)  
8 sessions $30 ($3.75/session)
Free 60 minute Training Orientation
Building an effective workout program and mastering exercise technique are huge barriers that everyone faces.
By booking a free 60 minute training orientation you'll be paired with a certified personal trainer who will customize the session to your exact exercise needs and answer any questions you may have.
Feel confident in the time and energy your putting into yourself.
Limit 1 per person per semester.

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The REC and PRIDE CENTER are partnering to offer Queer Night at the REC every Tuesday from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm. This free event provides a private and welcoming environment where individuals can experience a variety of group fitness classes through the Spring 2020 semester.


February 11th Pilates
February 18th Yoga
February 25th Zumba

March 3rd Strength & Tone
March 10th Yoga
March 24th Kettlebell Conditioning
March 31st Zumba

April 14th Yoga
April 21st HIIT
April 28th Pilates