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Recreational Eagle Center Hours

Summer Hours
Monday-Friday:  8am-8pm
Saturday:  12pm-6pm
Sunday:  Closed

The REC will be closed May 29th and July 4th.

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Outdoor Connection (OC) Hours

Summer Hours
Monday-Friday:  10am-4pm
Saturday:  12pm-6pm
Sunday:  Closed

The REC will be closed May 29th and July 4th.

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Fitness Center Hours

Summer Hours
Monday-Friday:  8am-8pm
Saturday:  12pm-6pm
Sunday:  Closed

The REC will be closed May 29th and July 4th.

Live Facility Counts

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Climbing Wall Hours

The climbing wall is closed for the summer.


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EZONE Esports & Gaming Hours

Summer Hours
Monday-Friday:  12pm-8pm
Saturday:  12pm-6pm
Sunday:  Closed

The REC will be closed May 29th and July 4th.

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Mitchell Hall Pool Hours

The Mitchell Hall pool is closed for the summer.


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REC Staff Snipped

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Statement 

Everyone deserves a chance to play and belong. We recognize that significant disparities exist for historically marginalized people in every aspect of society, including within our facilities, programs and servicesThis is why we are dedicated to creating a space that celebrates, supports, and affirms, everyone from all backgrounds, abilities, and fitness levels. We are focused on eliminating barriers that prevent the full participation of historically excluded identities. We believe in treating everyone with respect and strive to provide recreational facilities, programs and services which are welcoming, accessible and equitable.   

Our Commitments

  • Provide programs and events that create a safer space for historically marginalized people
  • Establish and maintain mutual relationships with partners across campus
  • Embrace inclusivity by removing barriers to participation that currently exist within our offerings, policies, and procedures
  • Strive to build a culture that emphasizes the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace
  • Collaborate with UWL Bias Support  & Education Team to report, address and confront all incidents of hate and bias

We need your feedback on ways that our department can continue to support positive change. If you have any recommendations or questions please contact Jeff Keenan, Rec Sports Director at jkeenan@uwlax.edu.   

Learn more about our equity, diversity & inclusion facility considerations, programming, policies and initiatives by selecting the categories below.

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EDI Blocks

Accessible Facility Entrances/Access 

The Recreational Eagle Center (REC) has two accessible entries into the building on the north and south side. Both are operated with an automated button that opens an exterior and interior door as you enter/exit the building. In addition, there is an automated door to access the multiactivity court (MAC) from the southwest corner of the upper-level track. Access to the lower level in the Fitness Center is available by an ADA compliant ramp. 


The REC is equipped with two elevators: 

  • North hallway next to the Aerobics Room with service to/from the upper-level track 
  • Fitness Center that services the Multiactivity Court (MAC) and basement (staff only) 

Adaptive Fitness Equipment

Rec Sports has installed several pieces of fitness equipment that provide greater levels of accessibility than traditional equipment. These pieces are designed to provide individuals of varying levels of ability with options to exercise. In addition, functional training equipment and spaces available in the Fitness Center is completely user-defined allowing individuals to adapt their workouts.  All equipment is spaced out keeping accessibility in mind.  

  • Fitness Center 
  • Second Level Track Area 

Our friendly staff on the Fitness Center staff are available to provide equipment orientations to all equipment throughout the facility. No appointment necessary, just ask! 

Accommodation Request

If you need accommodations to participate in any of our programs, activities or classes, please email jkeenan@uwlax.edu or call 608-785-5228. We ask that you please notify us preferably two or more days prior to the program, activity or class.   

All Gender Facilities 

Participants are free to utilize locker room facilities in accordance with their self-identified gender.  In addition, all gender facilities are provided for those who desire additional privacy.   

All gender restrooms are located in the following spaces: 

  • Room 116 - South Lobby 
  • Room 1004 - Fitness Center 
  • Room 1006 – Fitness Center 

All gender restroom, shower stall and changing area: 

  • Room 121 - located next to the Men’s Locker Room 

The lockers outside Room 121 and can be rented on a month, term (summer or winter session), semester, academic year, or annual basis. They are also available for day use with your own lock that must be removed daily. Select this link to learn more about rental rates and terms. 

Gender Inclusive Policies 

Sport Clubs 

Participation in club tryouts, practices and events not managed by a league or governing body will be in accordance to one’s self identified gender identity. For competitions and events managed by a league or governing body, participation will be in accordance with standards set by the league/governing body of the specific sport.  If no specific policy is mandated, upon request, Rec Sports administrative staff will contact the league/governing body for clarification on eligibility. It is the sole responsibility of the participant to meet the standards identified by the league/governing body. Rec Sports Administrators will only be responsible for facilitating communication between the participant and the league/governing body. 

Club members utilizing lodging should be assigned accommodations based on their gender identity, with more privacy provided, if possible, when requested. 

Intramural Sports 

  • Students, faculty and staff members can participate in the gender-specific league which affirms each participant’s personal gender identity. 
  • “Co-Rec” leagues may have gender-specific rules and restrictions based on a male-to-female to ratio. “Open” leagues have no specific rules or restrictions on participant ratios. 
  • For equitable gender participation purposes, gender-related eligibility issues may be subject to review on an individual basis by Rec Sports professional staff and the Director of the UWL Pride Center. 

At Rec Sports, we are committed to providing programs and events that create a safer space for marginalized peoples. Not everyone feels comfortable using the REC.  Single identity programming is offered on a routine basis in an effort to lower the intimidation factor and build familiarity with our facilities, programs, and services so that all feel welcome, safe, supported, heard and seen.  Programs offered include: 

  • Women’s Night in the Fitness Center  
  • Queer Night  
  • Women’s Night at the Wall/Women On the Wall   

Adaptive sports are offered throughout the year, programming varies based on registration trends and equipment. If you have an idea for a new sport we could offer, please email us at intramurals@uwlax.edu 


UWL Rec Sports believes that everyone should have access to campus recreation opportunities. This participation grant is a means to help provide unforgettable experiences and create lifelong memories for students who may not be able to participate due to financial barriers. Some Rec Sports programs and services have additional fees. These costs sometimes prohibit participation. The mission of this grant is to provide financial assistance to students who might otherwise be unable to participate. Students who are experiencing financial difficulties or barriers to participation are encouraged to apply.

Grant Opportunities

Rec Sports Participation Grants may be used to cover Rec Sports fees associated with the following programs, services or memberships:  

  • Outdoor trips/clinics
  • Group fitness memberships
  • Personal training packages
  • Sport club dues
  • Rec Sports Memberships for students who are enrolled but not paying segregated Fees

Other opportunities may be considered.  Only one opportunity is allowed per application. Grants are for UWL Rec Sports opportunities only.

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Applicants must be UWL students who are currently enrolled during the semester of financial assistance
  • Students can receive multiple awards, or a singular award, but the maximum lifetime award for this grant is $300 in total
  • Level of financial need as determined by the UWL Financial Aid Office will be considered as part of the review process
  • The value of participation grants will vary based on available funds and number of applicants per application period
  • Members of the review committee are not eligible to apply


Funding is provided through the UWL Rec Sports Foundation Development Fund and the UWL Parent Advisory Board.  Funding available each semester is based on the total dollars available in the fund and revenue generated the previous year through Rec Sports fundraising efforts, such as UWL Giving Day.

Application Process & Deadlines

Participation grants will be awarded four times per academic year. Students are encouraged to submit a completed application well in advance of the deadline. Applications must be submitted no later than 11:59pm on the deadline date prior to the opportunity (exception: grants for seg. fees may be applied for during the semester seeking funds). Deadlines will be set annually, based on the academic calendar.

2022-2023 Deadlines

  • Sunday, September 18th
  • Sunday, October 30th
  • Sunday, February 5th
  • Sunday, March 19th

Decisions are typically made within 2 weeks of the application deadline.

Applicants are notified of the receipt of their application as well as potential awards that are offered or not offered, via their @uwlax email address.

Applicants must accept/decline awards within 7 calendar days of receiving an offer email. If the award is accepted, Rec Sports will work with the student to apply the amount as a credit and settle any remaining balance due for the opportunity. If the student wishes to decline, the award cannot be transferred to any other opportunity or student and the student must reapply for future awards.


Select this link or directly enter the address below 

Additional Information

Please contact Jeff Keenan (jkeenan@uwlax.edu), Director for additional information or questions. 

UWL Rec Sports would like to acknowledge and thank George Fox University and UW-Milwaukee campus recreation programs for access to their outstanding resources for this opportunity. We appreciate your gracious collaboration.