Rec Sports Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

REC Staff Snipped

Inclusion Statement

Inclusion is one of the fundamental values of UWL's Recreational Sports Department. We are committed to equal access to our facility and programs regardless of ability, age, citizenship, economic status, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Equity Statement

To serve EVERYONE, UWL Rec Sports recognizes that significant disparities exist for marginalized people in every aspect of society, including our facility and programs. Equity is the ongoing effort to ensure people with marginalized identities have the opportunity to achieve equal access and participation.

To build and empower a thriving community where all feel safe, supported, heard, and seen, equitable programs and services must be on the forefront of our offerings.

Our Commitment

  • Provide programs and events that create a safer space for marginalized peoples
  • Establish and maintain mutual relationships with partners across campus
  • Embrace inclusivity by removing barriers to participation that currently exist within our offerings, policies, and procedures
  • Provide education and foster an environment that supports cultural humility framework for all professional and student staff members
  • Collaborate with UWL Hate and Bias Response Team to report, address and confront all incidents of hate and bias

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