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Recreational Eagle Center (REC) Hours

Monday - Friday: 6am-11pm
Saturday: 10am-10pm
Sunday: 11am-10pm

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Outdoor Connection (OC) Hours

Monday - Friday: Noon - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 11am - 6pm

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Fitness Center Hours

Monday - Friday: 6am-10pm
Saturday: 10am-9pm
Sunday: 11am-9pm

Live Facility Counts

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Climbing Wall Hours

Monday - Friday: 5pm - 9pm
Saturday: 3pm-6pm
Sunday: 5pm-8pm

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EZONE Esports & Gaming Hours

Monday - Friday: 3pm-11pm
Saturday & Sunday: Noon - 10pm

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Mitchell Hall Pool Hours

Monday:  12pm-12:50pm, 8pm-10:30pm
Tuesday:  8pm-10:30pm
Wednesday:  12pm-12:50pm, 8pm-10:30pm
Thursday:  8pm-10:30pm
Friday:  12pm-12:50pm, 7pm-9pm
Saturday:  12pm-3pm
Sunday:  1pm-4pm

Due to varsity swim meets, there will be no lap swim on the following days:

Saturday, November 4
Saturday, January 27


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New Fieldhouse

Access to the New Fieldhouse during open rec hours is restricted to those who have a current REC membership (student, faculty/staff, alumni).

Open Rec Hours
Sunday:  6pm-10pm

Second Floor Track Hours
Managed by the Athletic Department
Monday-Friday:  11am-1pm

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Club Officer Resources

Sport Club Officer Handbook

Other Club Resources and Links:

Coach Resources

Individual Club Member Resources

  • Required paperwork (location of form)
    • Complete prior to ANY sport club participation
      • Risk and Liability Waiver (IMLeagues)
      • Concussion Form (IMLeagues)
    • Complete within one week of club participation, OR before competing with the club, whichever is sooner
      • Medical History Form (IMLeagues)
      • ImPACT Concussion Baseline Test (IMLeagues, complete ImPACT test AND IMLeagues form)
  • Resources/optional forms
    • Driver Authorization Form
      • Any club member or coach driving for sport club events MUST complete this form by the Monday at 12:00 pm (noon) prior to driving for a club event
    • Archery Pod Use Form 
      • Only for Archery club members storing equipment in team storage at the REC

Safety & Risk Management/Athletic Training Resources

Travel: What Needs To Be Done Before/After You Can Travel Off Campus?

Before traveling:

  • Anyone driving to a club event needs to complete the Driver Authorization Form
    • Due Monday at 12 pm (noon) before departing for the trip
    • This form is completed ONCE per person
  • Complete the pre-travel form in IMLeagues
    • Due Monday at 12 pm (noon), the week of departure
    • This form is completed by one club officer for EVERY away competition
  • Manage school commitments. Excusing absences is at the discretion of each instructor and should be formally requested. The competitive sports coordinator can provide verification of team travel dates to instructors if needed. Request must be made 14 days before departure.
  • Determine proper funding source and payment method. 
    • If using Rec Account/University funding, send the invoice to the competitive sports coordinator at least 14 days before the registration deadline. The earlier the better!
    • If using the club's Student Faculty Organization (SFO) account, the funding request form requires the competitive sports coordinator's signature for approval.

While traveling:

  • Keep club social media page current, so updates can be shared on the UWL Rec Sports Facebook and Instagram pages! 
  • Think you might need a reimbursement? If a club opts to reimburse individuals for approved expenses (ie. gas during travel) receipts are required. Gas reimbursements require an initial receipt showing that the car was filled up with gas before departure from La Crosse (this receipt is not reimbursed) and all subsequent gas receipts for the trip.
    • No receipts = no reimbursement.
    • Travel related reimbursements can only be processed after the trip.
  • Issues while traveling: in the unfortunate circumstance that a club is involved in any incident or accident while traveling and representing UWL, the competitive sports coordinator must be contacted as soon as possible.  

After traveling:

  • Turn in receipts and reimbursement requests to competitive sports coordinator (submitted within 30 days of purchase)
  • Complete post-travel form in IMLeagues
    • ASAP upon return, no later than 24 hours from the return to La Crosse
    • This form is completed by one club officer for EVERY away competition

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