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Travel Reports: What Needs to be Done Before/After You Can Travel Off Campus?

Before Travel Weekends:

  • Complete the Pre-Travel Form 10 days before departure.

  • Manage school commitments.  Excusing absences is at the discretion of each instructor and should be formally requested.    The Sports Club and Events Coordinator can provide verification of team travel dates to instructors if needed.   Request must be made 10 days before departure.

  • Determine proper funding source and payment method. 

    If using REC Account /University funding, share/send the invoice with the Sports Club and Events Coordinator at least two weeks before the registration deadline.  The earlier the better.  

    If using the Clubs Student Faculty Organization (SFO) account, funding request form requires Sport Club and Events Coordinator signature for approval.
While traveling:
  • Keep club Facebook page current, so updates can be shared on the UWL Sport Club FB page! 

  • Think you might need a reimbursement?   If a club opts to reimburse individuals for approved expenses  (ie. gas during travel) receipts are required.  Gas reimbursements require a receipt showing that the car was filled up with gas before departure from
    La Crosse. No receipts...No reimbursement.  Travel related reimbursements can only be processed after the trip.

  • Issues while traveling.   In the unfortunate circumstance that a club is involved in any incident or accident while traveling and representing UWL, the Coordinator of Competitive Sports must be contacted as soon as possible.  
Post Travel:
  • Turn in receipts and reimbursements request to Sport Club Office 

  • Complete Post-Travel Report within 24 hours from returning to La Crosse