Executive council

Executive Council 

The Executive Council consists of 6-8 student representatives from different teams within the Sport Club program.  Representatives  meet with the Coordinator of Competitive Sports on a weekly basis to discuss issues effecting the program and speak as a voice for all clubs as we strive to continue to provide more resources for our student athletes to compete at their highest capacity. Applications for the Executive Council are made available during the spring semester each year. Once you have been elected as a member of the Sport Club Executive Council, you stay on the council until you graduate. Most members of the Executive Council are officers of their own club.

2019- 2020 Executive Council 

Amanda Crist- W. Basketball

Amanda (Mandy) Kind- W. Volleyball

Erich Mueller- Archery

Heidi Koehnke- W. Volleyball

Matthew Murphy- M. Volleyball

Peyton Lightfoot- Men’s Lacrosse

Samantha Fake- Archery

2018-2019 Executive Council 


(Owen McCann, Erich Mueller, Peyton Lightfoot, Adam Krause, Adam Baltz, Alyssa Doughty, Wendy Peotter, and Meara Malloy)