Sports Clubs Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get involved in a Sport Club? expanding section

At the beginning of each academic year the Recreational Sports department puts on REC Fest, an informational fair with games, prizes, and program offerings about all sport clubs, and additional information about programs offered through the department. REC Fest takes place at the Recreational Eagle Center the first weekend in the Fall semester. REC Fest is a great place to ask specific questions to representative of each sport club as well as sign up for the sports team of interest. Depending on the specific club, some (usually fall sports) will start before school begins. The easiest way to get involved is to go on our website and/or email the club president for more details. 

Who coordinates the Sport Club teams and the program? expanding section

Sport Clubs is run by the Recreational Sports Department that is governed by student affairs. Within the recreational sports department there is a competitive sports coordinator, athletic trainer, student coordinators, sport club supervisors, and a sport club executive council.

How much of a financial obligation is a Sport Club team? expanding section

This will also vary on the sport of your choice. These may include: dues, equipment, travel, facilities, apparel, tournament fees, etc. A portion of these expenses is delegated to each sport club depending on their status and demand. 

Are there tryouts for Sport Club teams? expanding section
  • This will be dependent on the type of sport you choose to participate in. Typically, sports that offer tryouts often will have cuts as well. Some teams may not have cuts but have an A and B team.
  •  In years past, these teams have had tryouts: women's basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s hockey, men’s and women’s volleyball.
Can you be a member of multiple Sport Club teams? expanding section

Yes, we encourage sport athletes to participate in multiple sport clubs; however, you may not want to play during corresponding seasons between two sports.

How much of a time commitment are Sport Clubs? expanding section

This will vary on the sport and whether you are in season or not. It is mandatory for all sport clubs to make time to volunteer, attend meetings, and support other clubs during their competitions. Other commitments include practice and game times (varying on the sport) as well as traveling

How do you start a Sport Club on the UWL campus? expanding section

Here are the basic guidelines to begin this process:

  • You have to become a student org for one year
  • You need to maintain 7 active members
  • Must be approved by the sport club executive council and voted on by the currently active sport clubs

The sport club program is not currently accepting new applications for clubs due to a lack of resources and funding.

What is the difference between Sport Clubs, Intramurals, and varsity athletics? expanding section
  • Intramurals: This is a  recreational opportunity for those students wanting to participate in a wide variety of sports. You will be competing against other student (students, faculty, and staff are eligible to play Intramurals) teams formed around the university.
  • Sport Clubs: This is a competitive opportunity for those students wanting to participate in a more demanding student run organization. This may be more of a time and financial commitment and you will be competing against other university’s club teams.
  • Varsity Athletics: This is sanctioned athletic program in the WIAC by the NCAA. This is fully funded by the university. This is not a student run program; all varsity athletics have a coach that demands a strong time commitment, There will be tryouts as well as cuts.
What sports play during the fall season, spring season, or throughout the year? expanding section
  • Many of our sports are active throughout the entire year, though their seasons might only be in the fall, winter, or spring. 
  • Fall Season Sports: men's and women's soccer, men's and women's rugby, waterski & wakeboard
  • Winter Season Sports: men's and women's hockey, men's and Women's volleyball, women's basketball
  • Spring Season/All year round: equestrian, archery, boxing, fishing, men's and women's lacrosse, Olympic weightlifting, table tennis, triathlon, men's and women's Ultimate
What types of leadership opportunities are there in the Sport Club program? expanding section

All clubs are student run and contain a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and 1-2 risk management officers. Depending on the size of the club, they may have more positions that are voted upon by the current club members. There are additional leadership opportunities within the sport club executive council that includes an application process. This council is the administrative branch that deals with policies, procedures, and all aspects related to the entire sport clubs. 



Do you have a question that you can't find an answer to in the Frequently Asked Questions?? If so, please stop by the Recreational Eagle Center and speak to the Coordinator of Competitive Sports!