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The Green Bike Program is a bicycle recycling program supported by UWL's green fund and implemented by UWL Outdoor Connection. 

How it works

Renting a green bike is very affordable and simple.   It only cost $15 to rent a green bike. Payment of a $25,  $50 or $100 deposit (depending on the quality of the bike) is also required.   Deposits will be returned when the bike is returned. 


The Green Bike Program promotes better health, less automobile traffic congestion, cleaner air, fewer parking problems and keeping waste out of the waste removal system.


Hundreds of bikes have been donated to the program and we either fix them up to use or we strip them for usable parts and recycle the remaining metal rather than throwing it away. 

We have also begun using bike parts to make chairs.


The UWL's Environmental Council started the Green Bike program in 2004.  Originally, council members and volunteers fixed up old donated bikes, painted them green and release them to function as free community bikes.  Currently the program is housed in the Outdoor Connection.  The program has refurbished and rented over 200 bikes and recycled more than 40,000 pounds of metal!

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