Administrative Staff

Jeff Keenan  Profile of Jeff Keenan

Director-Recreational Sports
130A Recreational Eagle Center

Specialty areas:

Campus Recreation
Student Development
Risk Management

Mo McAlpine  Profile of Mo McAlpine

Associate Director, Rec Sports
130C Recreational Eagle Center

Specialty areas:

Campus recreation, student development

Nathan Barnhart  Profile of Nathan Barnhart

Assistant Director, Rec Sports
130 Recreational Eagle Center

Specialty areas:

Campus Recreation, Marketing, Graphic Design, Outdoor Education

Nick Berg  Profile of Nick Berg

Fitness Coordinator
1011 Recreational Eagle Center

Ali Tackett  Profile of Ali Tackett  Meet with me  Office hours

Coordinator of Competitive Sports
143 Recreational Eagle Center

Specialty areas:

Campus Recreation


Sport Clubs

Parks & Recreation

Hannah Grabow  Profile of Hannah Grabow

Coordinator of Events & Marketing
Recreational Eagle Center

Cindi Swanson  Profile of Cindi Swanson  Office hours

University Service Program Associate
130 Recreational Eagle Center

Robert Hamann  Profile of Robert Hamann

Custodial Srv Supv
3238 Student Union

Specialty areas:

Custodial Supervision, Event Set-up Support, Pure Safety, Sustainability

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