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Murphy equipment

A page within Murphy Library

Murphy Library is pleased to offer these technology tools for checkout to any current UW-La Crosse student or staff member with a valid UWL ID.


Loan Period



Replacement Cost


3 days

Yes/one renewal


Up to $2000

Flip camera

1 day

Yes/one renewal


Up to $200

Headphones 4 hours/in-library only      No    .01/minute Up to $48


  • TI-84 Graphing
  • HP 10bii+ Financial
  • Casio SL-310V Standard 
4 hours/in-library only No .01/minute Up to $100
Adapters and chargers 4 hours/in-library only      No .01/minute Up to $48
Digital audio recorder 4 hours/in-library only      No    .01/minute Up to $48
Trackball mouse with scroll ring      4 hours/in-library only No .01/minute Up to $48
Combination keyboard 4 hours/in-library only No .01/minute Up to $200
Large-print keyboard 4 hours/in-library only      No .01/minute Up to $48
External DVD drive 4 hours/in-library only      No .01/minute Up to $48
Kill-a-Watt meter 7 days No $1/day Up to $60

When you check out technology equipment, please . . .

  • Be aware of the loan periods, overdue fines, and replacement costs for these items.
  • Be aware that you are responsible for the cost of item replacement should it be lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise rendered unusable while it is in your possession and/or charged to your library account.
  • Do not place equipment in the book drop or leave it at an unstaffed desk counter.
  • Do not tamper with the hardware or software or attempt to load or copy software. Do not remove parts from the item.
  • Abide by the University’s Responsible Use of Computing and Communications Resources guidelines and the Library’s Electronic Information Access Policy.
  • Understand that the library is not responsible for lost or damaged work. Any files saved to the hard drive will automatically be deleted when the item is shut down, rebooted, or checked in. Please save files to a portable drive or to your online storage (U) drive.
  • Understand that the library and University may use appropriate means to collect the amount owed for fines, damage, or loss.
  • Understand that fines in excess of $200 result in the loss of borrowing privileges until the fines are paid in full. 

These guidelines ensure that these tools are available for continued use by the entire campus community.

Video adaptors, ethernet cables, a lap desk, monitor accessories and Smartboard tools are also available for checkout at the Circulation desk.