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Printers, scanners, & fax

A page within Murphy Library


Where can I print in Murphy Library?

Students can print from any computer within Murphy Library. Computers located in the main floor, basement, second floor, and the Quick-Print stations all send print jobs to the black & white Pay-for-Print stations. Color printing is available on the main floor only. Students will need to release their print jobs at the release stations using their NetID and password or ID cards. For a complete listing of print stations and more information on Pay-for-Print, visit the ITS printing page. 

How do I print in Murphy Library?

When you print from most of the computers in the library, your document will be sent to the print release station. You will need to release your document from the print release station by entering your NetID into the Pay-for-Print system or swiping your student ID. For more information, please visit the ITS printing page.

Can I print from a personal laptop or tablet?

Yes, students can print from personal laptops or tablets as long as they can connect to the campus wireless network. Please see the remote printing section of the ITS printing page for full instructions and additional information. Library staff assistance is also available at the Circulation desk.

How much does printing cost?

Using your Pay-for-Print account, you will be charged $.05 a page for black and white prints and $0.60 for color prints. You may go to the ITS printing page for more information about printing and to add funds to your account.

Fax machine

Can I send a fax from Murphy library?

Yes! Murphy Library has the only fax machine service available to students on campus. Patrons can visit Murphy Library Administrative Office, Room 111, with your documents, fill out a short form with your send/receive information, and have the fax sent.

How much does sending or receiving a fax cost?

The fax service costs $.50 per page to send/receive national and $1.00 per page to send/receive international. Cash or checks only.


Is there a scanner I can use?

Yes! Our color printer, located on the first floor, doubles as a scanner. Feel free to scan to your jump drive or email your scanned document.