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Computer access

A page within Murphy Library

Do community users have access to a computer within Murphy Library?

Yes! Murphy Library maintains five computers designated for guest access. These are located in the Reference area along the wall adjacent to the Circulation Desk. Black and white printing is available for 10 cents per page, payable in cash or Campus Cash at the Circulation desk. Computers for the general public are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. University users have priority and general public users may be asked to relinquish computers to UWL students, faculty, or staff at any time.

What computers within Murphy Library do students, faculty, and staff have access to?

Murphy Library is the largest open-access computer lab on the UWL campus, with 55 computers located on the first floor. Laptops are available for checkout from the Circulation desk

What programs are on the library computers?

All the computers in Murphy Library have popular software as well as some course-specific software. Please visit the ITS classroom and labs software listing for a full listing of the programs available.

Does Murphy Library have scanners?

Yes! Murphy Library has three scanners. One is located on the main floor, color printing station. The remaining two scanners/copiers are located by the south end elevators on the main floor. Patrons may use the copiers in the library to scan documents to a portable USB drive or SD card for free.