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Mission & values

A page within Murphy Library


Murphy Library is integral to student success at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. The library provides a dynamic and diverse learning environment centered on the core principles of service, stewardship, information literacy and equity of access. Exemplifying these principles, this teaching library carefully manages information resources that support and promote excellence in academic study and research, success in teaching and learning, and intellectual and cultural exploration. Murphy Library additionally serves the greater community as a regional information center.
-updated 2/2010


Murphy Library services are guided by the ALA Library Bill of Rights.

To fulfill the Library's mission, the Library Director, Library Department and Library Staff uphold the principles of the ALA Code of Ethics, augmented by the following values:


We value library users and are committed to providing a consistently high level of services to all: students, faculty, staff, and community members. We believe in open communication and treating users and library colleagues with courtesy and respect. We respect the confidentiality of users' information requests and library records.


We provide the greatest access possible to information in various formats, in collaboration with faculty, to support the instructional and research-related fields of the university curriculum. We share library resources through interlibrary loan and cooperative ventures with other libraries. We organize collections and manage digital and physical access for ease of retrieval by a diverse group of on- and off-campus users.


As a teaching library, we promote critical thinking and exploration by teaching students and other users information literacy skills for university work and lifelong learning. We treasure the ideals of free speech and unfettered inquiry.


We support an understanding and appreciation of diversity through collections and information access, services, the instruction program and staff. Read our full diversity statement.


We embrace an environment of continuous change leading to new and improved library technologies, products and services.


We utilize funding responsibly and seek cooperative arrangements with other libraries to maximize the benefits for library users. We maintain our collections, a secure facility, and a healthful environment for current and future users. We preserve the local cultural heritage by collecting regional materials.

-updated 11/2019