Library units

General Phone & Fax

Voice: 608.785.8505 (admin. office)
FAX: 608.785.8639 (admin. office)

Mailing Address

Murphy Library
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
1631 Pine Street
La Crosse, WI 54601-3748

Academic engagement

Unit Head: Teri Holford, Engagement & Curriculum Collection Librarian

Murphy Library fully participates in the campus mission of inclusive excellence. The academic engagement librarian works with library-wide efforts to provide outreach, research and instructional support and programming for under-represented and non-traditional student populations.

Access services

Unit Head: Scott Pfitzinger, Access Services Librarian 

Access Services is responsible for the circulation of the general and reserve collections, shelving and stacks maintenance, facilitation of Universal Borrowing services, interlibrary loan and document delivery, creation and maintenance of patron records, compilation of circulation and building use statistics, and provision of basic information and assistance to students, faculty and staff, and the community.


General Contact: - 785.8507

Interlibrary Loan

General Contact: - 785.8636


Unit HeadJohn Jax, Interim Library Director 

The Administrative Office manages all library budgets, compiles statistical data,  completes statistical surveys, prepares reports, coordinates building services and manages all aspects of student employment.

Collection development

Unit Head: John Jax, Collection Development Librarian

Collection Development works with teaching and library faculty to identify and select information resources that are made available at UW La Crosse and throughout the University of Wisconsin System. This unit manages the resources budget, allocating funds for materials held and accessed by the Library. This unit also analyzes data about information resources (print and electronic) so informed decisions can be made with regard to the collections (monographs, periodicals, and electronic resources).

Curriculum center

Unit Head: Teri Holford, Engagement & Curriculum Collection Librarian

The Alice Hagar Curriculum Resource Center contains a variety of collections to support the School of Education and pre-service teachers. Books and materials for grades K-12, curriculum guides and children's literature (picture books, easy reader, and Young Adult books). The center also houses the STEMSS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Social Sciences) collection.

Digital collections 

Unit HeadDavid Mindel, Digital Collections Librarian

The Digital Collections unit is responsible for creating, capturing, preserving, and displaying online digital content related to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and the surrounding community. Although both areas within the unit are focused on digital content, they differ in regard to the type digital content, itself. The Digital Collections area puts its resources into in-house digitization efforts, largely aimed at digitizing historical and visual materials, working closely with Special Collections. The University Repository area deals with collecting academic content produced from within UWL, or about UWL or the surrounding community. This UWL produced content is then placed into the Minds@UW repository, which is open to the public, and serves as a location for academically produced materials within the UW System to be visible to the rest of the world.

Electronic resources and acquisitions

Unit Head: Katherine Fish, Electronic Resources and Acquisitions Librarian

The Electronic Resources and Acquisitions unit is responsible for maintaining access to Murphy Library’s electronic resources and print/microform periodicals collection. Murphy Library provides access to over 200 article databases, hundreds of electronic reference books, and tens of thousands of electronic journals. Additionally, this unit is responsible for purchasing materials in all formats, which support the curriculum of UWL. The unit is responsible for monitoring the acquisitions budget, for the ordering and timely receipt of requested materials, and for providing timely collection development and budget reports to the Collection & Resource Development Librarian. The unit receives gifts and if appropriate (as determined by Collection & Resource Development), integrates them into the collection.


Unit Head: Chelsea Wyman, Outreach Librarian

Outreach works with all library units to publicize library services, events, collections, and other resources to the broader campus community. Outreach also participates in programming, event planning, resource development, the creation of online and print resources, and similar activities that facilitate the use and understanding of library resources.


Unit Head: Michael Current, Reference Librarian

Reference librarians can help you find the quality information you need, and save you time in the process. We are also able to help you find resources and use the services of the entire library, and we can help you navigate and utilize the whole world of information resources that's at your disposal at UWL.

Special collections

Unit Head: Paul Beck, Special Collections Librarian

Special Collections collects, preserves, and provides access to the rare book and local history collections, as well as an oral history collection, maps, photographs, and university archives. This department also houses the La Crosse Area Research Center, which holds archival records of local governmental bodies and personal papers of people and businesses.

Systems and metadata 

Unit Head: William Doering, Systems and Metadata Librarian

The Systems unit is responsible for or Murphy Library’s integrated library system, discovery interface, and other library servers and systems; maintaining staff and guest computers; and providing assistance to library staff with computer, application, or network issues. The Metadata unit is responsible for cataloging print and electronic library materials as well as the metadata used on digital projects, which appear in Murphy Library’s various search services such as Search@UW. The unit also manages the library's data services and works with faculty, staff and students to identify datasets for research analysis as well as helping with research data management needs.

Teaching and learning

Unit Head: Elizabeth Humrickhouse, Teaching and Learning Librarian

The Instruction unit designs, implements, and manages the library's comprehensive information instruction program in which librarians instruct UWL students on the use of library and online information resources. This unit also leads the library in shaping an e-learning information literacy instruction program. It develops instructional content delivered through face-to-face and especially e-learning environments and leads the incorporation of instructional technologies into the library’s teaching and learning activities.

Web and user experience

Unit Head: Amber Leibundgut-Peterson, Web and User Experience Librarian

The Web and User Experience unit collaborates with all library units to ensure effective and positive experiences for all who use the library. The unit assesses, designs, and provides direction for the library web presence and physical space uses.