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Staff directory

A page within Murphy Library

General Phone & Fax

Voice: 608.785.8505 (admin. office)
FAX: 608.785.8639 (admin. office)

Mailing Address

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
130 Murphy Library
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601-3748

Teri Holford  Profile of Teri Holford

Associate Professor
269 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Children's Literature

Information Literacy

Integrated Librarianship

Local History & Historical Primary Sources



Pam Cipkowski  Profile of Pam Cipkowski

Assistant Professor
106 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Library Collection Development

Michael Current  Profile of Michael Current  Michael Current saysMeet with me

Assistant Professor
124 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Special and Reference Collections Librarian

Kevin Dinsmore  Profile of Kevin Dinsmore

Library Assistant III
105 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

LSA-Interlibrary Loan

Laura Godden  Profile of Laura Godden

Assistant Professor
155 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Special Collections/Area Research Center (SC/ARC) archives

John Jax  Profile of John Jax

Murphy Library Director
110 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Oversight, development, budgeting, and facility management of Murphy Library

Amber Leibundgut-Peterson  Profile of Amber Leibundgut-Peterson

Assistant Professor
122 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Web design and physical space uses/improvements.

Shealyn McMahon  Profile of Shealyn McMahon

Outreach Library Assistant
118A Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Marketing, Promotion, Social Media, Displays, Blog

David Mindel  Profile of David Mindel

Associate Professor
118B Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Digital Conversion (Digitization) of Cultural Heritage materials, Digital Preservation, Color Management, Digital Content Management, Digital Photography, Digital Image Manipulation

Madan Mohan  Profile of Madan Mohan

Assistant Professor
Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Electronic Resources, Budgeting, Classification, Cataloging, Music, Technology, Research,  Reference

Kendall Morgan  Profile of Kendall Morgan

Assistant Professor
123 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Information Literacy Course Integration Librarian

Mike Olson  Profile of Mike Olson

Assistant Professor
113 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Cataloging & Discovery, Theses & Dissertations, Critical Visual Literacy, Zines

Scott Pfitzinger  Profile of Scott Pfitzinger

Assistant Professor
128 Murphy Library

Specialty areas:

Technology & Reference Services Librarian

Information Literacy, Reference, Technology, Circulation, Research, Music

Sam Steingraeber  Profile of Sam Steingraeber

Electronic Resource & Acq Assistant
Murphy Library

Terrence Stika  Profile of Terrence Stika

Lib II - Mgmt and Data Svcs
107 Murphy Library

Dwayne Webb  Profile of Dwayne Webb

Library Assistant III
130 Murphy Library