University Staff Professional Development Grant

The University Staff Council (USC) has designed this grant program to offer a grant to a university staff member each fiscal year to be used for professional development. 

USC will be piloting the grant program from January 2018 to June 2019 to determine the feasibility and level of interest.

Application deadlines

The fall application deadline is the fifteenth of August for events scheduled anytime between October and April. Grant recipient(s) will be notified by the first of September with information about their grant disbursements. 

The spring application deadline is the fifteenth of February for events scheduled between April and October. Grant recipient(s) will be notified by the first of March with information about their grant disbursements. 


To be eligible for consideration, the applicant must:

  • Be currently employed at UW-La Crosse in an on-going University Staff position
  • Have completed at least one continuous year of employment at UWL

Professional development

The professional development grants awarded by this program are intended solely for non-credit conferences, seminars and workshops (hereinafter referred to as an event). The applicant must apply for the grant with a specific event in mind, meeting the following qualifications:

  • The event must be related to the applicant’s position and duties and UW-La Crosse and must, in some way, provide them with experience/education that will be a benefit to both them and the university.
  • The applicant’s department/unit must be willing to pay for their hours worked while in attendance at the event and while travelling to/from the event. Potential attendance at the event must be approved in advance by the applicant’s supervisor.

Determination of recipient

The Programs, Grants, and Fundraising committee of the USC will designate a professional development grant sub-committee who will review grant applications and determine the grant recipient(s).  The sub-committee reserves the right to decline to offer the grant to any of the applicants for any reason.

Travel and event expenses

The grant application must include the dollar amount requested, the event fee and all estimated travel expenses for the event (e.g. transportation costs, meals, lodging, etc.). Business services has tools to determine actual costs for expenses.

Travel/event expenses beyond the amount of the awarded grant must be covered by the applicant’s department/unit or their own personal funds. Potential department/unit funds must be approved in advance by the applicant’s supervisor/unit director. If anticipated expenses are greater than the funds awarded by this grant, the applicant must indicate how additional expenses will be paid on the grant application.

Application process

Please use the University Staff Council Professional Development Grant qualtrics survey to apply for the grant. Keep a copy of your application for your records.

Sample of application.

Questions about the University Staff Professional Development Grant Program and the application process may be directed to chair of the sub-committee.

Event summary by grant recipient

The grant recipient will be expected to provide a summary or review of the event to be published in the University Staff Council Newsletter and/or on the University Staff Council webpage.