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Committee on Committees:

The Committee on Committees will solicit nominees for openings on USC and joint university committees. All nominees will be approved by the Committee on Committees members. The appointments will then be reviewed by the USC for approval by the Council. 

Current Members:

Jeanne Voss - 2 of 3
Karen Deschepper - 2 of 3
Amy Servais - 3 of 3


Bylaws expanding section

Bylaws Committee:

Annually reviews USC bylaws, including membership allocation, and proposes changes to USC as necessary. 

Current Members:

Mary Grattan - 2 of 3
Amy Servais - 3 of 3
William Klein - 1 of 3
Anita Willis-Fries - 1 of 3

*Committee chair

Programs, Grants, Fundraising expanding section

Programs, Grants, & Fundraising Committee:

The mission of this committee is to provide professional development opportunities to University Staff members by offering non-credit conferences, seminars, and workshops on campus, as well as professional development grants, and raising the funds to maintain these programs as needed. 

Current Members:

Karen DeSchepper* 3 of 3
Becky Yoshizumi - 2 of 3
Ingrid Iverson - 1 of 3
Benjamin Cornforth - 3 of 3
Kellie Flottmeier - 2 of 3

*Committee Chair

Subcommittee: Grants Committee

The Grants Committee is a subcommittee of Program, Grants, and Fundraising. Their primary focus is to promote, collect, review and distribute funds for Professional Development Grants. 

Nicole Novak* - 2 of 3
Kimberly Schliebe - 2 of 3
Ingrid Iverson - 2 of 3

*Committee chair


University Staff Excellence Awards expanding section

University Staff Excellence Awards Committee:

This committee is charged with annually soliciting nominations for the University Staff Excellence and selecting an award recipient based upon the selection criteria outlined in the Guidelines.

There shall be a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of seven (7) representatives from University Staff, including at least one USC member or adjunct council member to report and attend council meetings. It is recommended that there be a representative from each of the three employment categories: Administrative Support, Facilities & Maintenance, and Professional Services.

Current Members:

Karen Brandt* - 2 of 3
Jeanne Voss* - 3 of 3
Susan Hall - 2 of 3
Kimberly Schliebe 
Beth Naas
Amy Servais

*Committee co-chairs

University Staff Recognition Committee expanding section

This committee is in charge of organizing the annual University Staff Breakfast and any other recognitions.  Normally the breakfast has been held each summer and honors employee years of service and the Excellence Award winner. Planning typically starts in January with most of the time commitment coming in June and July. The committee will be made up of 5-7 members with staggered terms.

Becky Yoshisumi - 2 of 3
Susan Hall - 2 of 3
Janet Craig - 2 of 3
Karen Brandt - 2 of 3

UWL Joint Committees expanding section

General Information on Joint Committees

Academic Initiatives Oversight Committee
Paige Jordan - 3 of 3

Environmental Sustainability Committee
Pearl Bearhart - 3 of 3

Free Speech Promotion
VACANT - 1 of 3
VACANT - 1 of 3

Legislative & Regents Relations
Nicole Novak - 2 of 3

Multicultural Affairs
Kimberly Schliebe 1 of 3

Parking and Appeals Committee
Mark Beckerjeck - 2 of 3

Planning and Budget
Mary Grattan - 1 of 3
Pearl Bearhart - 3 of 3

Textbook Oversight Committee
Sandra Vinney - 1 of 3

Work -Life Taskforce 
Ben Cornforth

Community Engagement Council
Karen DeSchepper - 3 of 3

HR Advisory Committee
Rebecah Neitzel - 3 of 3
Kimberly Schliebe - 2 of 3

  • All university staff members are eligible to serve on a committee and may self-nominate. A university wide request to serve is sent usually early in June each year.
  • Terms of service on a standing committee will be on a 3-year rotating schedule. There are no term limits for membership on standing committees; however, committee members must be in permanent employment status.
  • All committees select their own chair from among their members.
  • Terms for committee chairs are limited to two consecutive years with another term of service allowed after a one-year break.
  • A representative from each standing committee will attend the monthly USC meetings for updates on the activities of the committee.
  • At the end of each fiscal year, the committee chair of each standing committee will complete a year end report summarizing the committee's activities throughout the year and provide the report to the USC chair. Committees are encouraged to use this template for their year end report.
  • Committee meetings may be held during paid work hours. Any employee serving as an appointed member of a committee and working second or third shift will be allowed to work flex hours to attend Committee meetings. Arrangement to flex work schedule should be discussed with the appropriate supervisor and Human Resources shall provide support and assistance toward this end, if needed.