University Staff Excellence Award

Jeri Baller

Police Dispatcher, University Police Services

Excellence Award Winner

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The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Staff Excellence Award is given annually to a member of the University Staff who has shown excellence in performance, personal interaction, initiative and creativity. The recipient has supported the University and its mission through positive interaction with the University and the community

The University Staff Council presents this award in grateful recognition of outstanding service and dedication that exemplifies the desired qualities of the University Staff.

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 UW-La Crosse Annual University Staff Excellence Award guidelines 


Recipients must be UWL university staff who have been employed for a minimum of 12 months by submission date of nomination. Immediate past recipient, project and temporary employees are not eligible. Previous nominees may be re-nominated.

University Staff is defined as non-instructional support staff including administrative support, crafts workers and building trades, laborers, and service workers.

Selection criteria

Nominees will be evaluated based on documentation of their outstanding achievements and contribution. The application should provide specific evidence of excellence, worthy of recognition. Particular attention will be paid to nominees which are not only outstanding in their roles as university employees, but also show evidence of other service to UWL and to the community.

Selection committee

The UWL University Staff Excellence Award selection will be undertaken by the USC (University Staff Council) Excellence Award Committee. The committee is a standing committee of the UWL university staff members serving a three year term. There shall be a minimum of three (3) and a maximum of seven (7) representatives from University Staff, including at least one USC member or adjunct council member to report and attend council meetings. It is recommended that there be a representative from each of the three employment categories: Administrative Support, Facilities & Maintenance, and Professional Services. If any committee member is nominated for the award, that person must recuse themselves from this committee.


The UW-La Crosse University Staff Excellence Award consists of one $800 honorarium and a UWL recognition plaque. The honorarium will be used for professional development and must be used by May 31st of the fiscal year the award is granted. The recipient may elect to share or advance the honorarium to whomever they wish, as long as it is used for professional development and/or travel. 

The committee will notify the Budget Office of the recipient. The Budget Office will in turn set up a new account in the recipient's department, notify the recipient when the account is setup and transfer the funding into the new account for access by the recipient.

The recipient of the award will be recognized at a special event and the Chancellor's Fall Address held in August.

Who may nominate

Nominations may come from a college, department, or division unit. Nominations may also come from university staff, academic staff, administrators, faculty, students and self-nominations.  University staff who have been previously nominated may be re-nominated.

Nominations must be made to the chairperson of the University Staff Council Excellence Award Committee.


Nominations will start in January (spring semester) and end on April 1st.

The selection committee will review the nominations. The committee will present their choice to the USC by the June meeting for approval.

The recipient’s name must be to the Chancellor’s office by July 1st.


This statement should be an executive summary which highlights the contributions and the achievements of the nominee as described, including evidence of work above and beyond the nominee’s stated job responsibilities and requirements. Evidence of University or community involvement should also be included.

Nomination materials should address the following criteria, as they will be considered by the campus committee in the review of all nominations.

  • Excellence of performance: performance that consistently and substantially exceeds in quality the expectations for the position; performance that has set superior standards of excellence and efficiency in relation to the mission of the departmental unit and the university, and has  resulted in important and significant contributions to his or her department and institution.
  • Personal interaction: performance that consistently and substantially demonstrates ability and willingness to work positively and effectively with others; performance that demonstrates ability and willingness to manage changes in work priorities, procedures, and organization.
  • Initiative and creativity: performance that consistently and substantially demonstrates an innovative approach to the job, thereby improving productivity and the quality of the work assigned; performance that demonstrates efforts to improve personal job performance.
  • Support of the university and its mission through positive interaction with the university and the community.
  • Resources for tips on writing strong nominations:

Letters of support

Letters may come from students, peers, colleagues, administrators, supervisors, alumni, or community members who have first-hand knowledge of the nominee's performance. The letters should describe the specific outstanding contributions that make the nominee deserving of this award (the committee suggests a limit of four letters of support). If including letters of support, they need to be submitted with the nomination form. Questions may be directed to

Submission of nomination

Nomination forms along with any letters of support shall be submitted ONLINE all together as one packet and consist of the following information:

  • Name of nominee 
  • Position title of nominee
  • Department
  • Length of service to the university

Nominating individual’s information required for consideration: 

  • Nominating individual’s name
  • Nominating individual’s email address

Approved December 2017

Previous recipients:

2021 - Britney Heineman

2020 - Kathy Thoen

2019 — Becky Yoshizumi

2018 — Sue Hengel

2017 — Randy Otto

2016 — Laurie Collison

2015 — Dave Anderson


2022 Milestone achievements

Congratulations to our 2022 milestone achievers!

Last Name First Name Years of Service UWL Department ID 
Stika Terrence 30 Murphy Library
Butterfield Lea 20 University Police
Carrion Domingo 20 Custodial Services
Meyer Adrian 20 University Police
Aleckson Tricia 15 University Centers
Daniel Karen 15 University Centers
Erdmann James 15 Custodial Services
Gelbeck Dean 15 Whitney Center Food Service Operations
Gray John 15 Facilities Planning & Management
Guse Barbara 15 Student Health Center
Klinski Ronald 15 Facilities Planning & Management
Nuttelman Matthew 15 Residence Halls Operations
Salow Shauna 15 Health Professionals
Stellick Michael 15 Custodial Services
Haigh Scott 10 IT Services
Janes Brian 10 Power Plant
Lee Simon Xai 10 Custodial Services
Lee Xia Chue 10 Custodial Services
Lor Dang 10 Custodial Services
Neitzel Rebecah 10 University Centers
Pohnl David 10 Custodial Services
Spangler Barbara 10 Campus Stores
Temp Duke 10 University Centers
Whitehead Ryan 10 IT Services
Wieman Beth Ann 10 Custodial Services
Bass Elizabeth 5 Murphy Library
Bergin Faith 5 Student Life
Dayton Robert 5 University Centers
Hartmann Patrick 5 Residence Hall Operations
Herman Ryan 5 Facilities Planning & Management
Kirkpatrick Jill 5 School of Education
Korish Melanie 5 Parking Utility / Police Services
Lee Neng 5 Custodial Services
Mielke Emilee 5 Health Professions
Morris Kenneth 5 Custodial Services
Mullenberg Jason 5 Residence Halls Operations
Nash Jordan 5 Residence Halls Operations
Noeldner Michael 5 Custodial Services
Novak Nicole 5 Department of Music
Osborne James 5 Residence Halls Operations
Schilling Jesse 5 Facilities Planning & Management
Schliebe Kimberly 5 Custodial Services
Smerud Jennifer 5 Extended Learning
Von Ruden Shirley 5 Sociology & Criminal Justice
Yang Chonghue 5 Custodial Services
Yang Wacha 5 Custodial Services