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Pregnant and Expecting Parents

A page within Title IX

What are my rights as a pregnant or parenting student?

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”), 20 U.S.C. §1681 et seq., is a Federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex—including pregnancy and parental status—in educational programs and activities.

As a pregnant or parenting student, we know you have a lot on your mind.  In the weeks and months ahead, as you work with professors around specific needs and/or missed class, feel free to make use of the information on this page and to share it with faculty, advisors, etc.

It is important for all members of the UWL's community to know that pregnant and parenting students have certain rights under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.  Those rights include:

Reasonable Adjustments

Should a pregnant student have specific classroom needs (e.g. larger desk, elevator access, ability to make frequent trips to restroom), faculty and/or other university personnel are required to comply.

Excused Absences

Any absence related to pregnancy or childbirth must be excused for as long as medical personnel deems necessary.  Instructors may request that students meet with an employee in the Student Life Office, especially if the absence is for an extended period of time.  Students with children may need to be absent in order to care for a sick child, cover a gap in child care/schooling, or other emergencies.  Instructors are encouraged to accommodate such absences.  Students should work with the Student Life Office if these needs arise.  

Make-Up Work

Students returning to class must be allowed to return to the same academic status as before the medical leave began and given the opportunity to make up any work missed during the leave.  This includes an opportunity to make-up "class participation" points that the student missed by virtue of not being in class.  Further, any deadlines that were missed during the leave must be extended to allow submission of work.

Stopping Out

Students who may be interested in taking a semester off should speak with their advisor and/or the Student Life Office to discuss how the time off would affect the student's academic progress.  Further, students who receive financial aid should meet with the Financial Aid Office to learn what implications, if any, time away has on aid.

It is important to note that pregnant or parenting students are held to the level of academic standards and must meet the learning objectives that have been set for the course.  Students must work with their faculty to determine what accommodations are reasonable so as to allow the student to complete all work while also achieving course outcomes.

To learn more about stopping out, please contact the Student Life Office.

Where To Start

If you have questions about your rights as a Pregnant or Expectant Parent, please call the Office of Title IX at 608-785-8043 to set up a meeting with the Director of Title IX and Compliance. 

Family and Lactation Rooms

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse provides family and lactation rooms to support nursing individuals to return to work, school, or campus. A family and lactation room is a dedicated space designed for individuals who need to express breast milk or want a quiet location to feed an infant. All UWL family and lactation rooms are private, clean, and secure spaces that include a sink, comfy chair(s), sink, soap, paper towels, outlets, table(s), and display a room occupied sign when in use. These rooms are available for use by faculty, staff, and students.


  • Student Union – 1st Floor (1138)
  • Centennial Hall – 3rd Floor (3210)
  • Wittich Hall – Lower Level (0209)

Baby Changing Stations

The following is a list of all baby changing stations on campus:

  • Graff Main Hall
    • 2nd Floor Men’s Restroom
    • 3rd Floor Women’s Restroom
  • Centennial Hall
    • 1st Floor Gender Neutral Restroom
    • 2nd Floor Gender Neutral Restroom
    • 3rd Floor Gender Neutral Restroom
    • 4th Floor Gender Neutral Restroom
  • Eagle Hall
    • 1st Floor Men’s Restroom (public)
    • 1st Floor Women’s Restroom (public)
  • Student Union
    • Lower Level Gender Neutral Restroom
    • 1st Floor Gender Neutral Restroom
    • 2nd Floor Gender Neutral Restroom
    • 3rd Floor Gender Neutral Restroom
  • Wittich Hall
    • Lower Level Gender Neutral Restroom
    • 1st Floor Gender Neutral Restroom
    • 2nd Floor Gender Neutral Restroom

For a downloadable print of the family and lactation rooms and baby changing stations, please click here:  Family and Lactation Rooms