You are inclusive excellence

Inclusive Excellence = Smarter + Happier

Inclusive means everyone. The range of perspectives an instructor can bring to bear on an issue in a course can be many and varied.

Engaging diversity lifts all boats. And the types of learning you gain through engaging diversity in college will stay with you into the next stage of your life, whatever you choose to do. 


Learning in an environment intentionally designed to bring diversity into consideration does much more than just improve our awareness of diversity issues. Studies show that such environments enhance everyone's ability to think critically and to tackle complex problems. At UWL, this includes:

  • Designing great course assignments that engage diversity
  • Infusing diversity throughout the content of courses and campus events
  • Increasing the use of teaching methods designed to meet the needs of a broad range of students
  • Improving access and equity for historically underserved populations
  • Developing student learning through authentic assignments, undergraduate research, and community-based projects


Studies show that students who engage actively in diverse college environments are more satisfied with their college experience, possess stronger leadership skills, and are more likely to complete their degrees. At UWL, this includes:

  • Expanding our development of student leaders
  • Fostering collaborations among our active, engaged student organizations
  • Expanding our campus/community collaborations
  • Building classroom connections to campus events and activities
  • Improving our warm, friendly campus climate even more

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