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The Purchasing team is working normal business hours in Graff Main Hall. Please email us at purchasing@uwlax.edu or call us at 608.785.8501 for assistance.

Last modified: 09/15/2020

ShopUW+ Purchasing Procedures

Campus Communication on 4/8/2021 expanding section

With the upcoming implementation of ShopUW+ on April 16, 2021, the purchasing and payment processes for our campus and the entire UW System will be transitioning.  Please review the following for updates and details related to this change.


Emails were sent this week to select campus employees with information about their role along with resources on how to access training courses, a user reference guide and contacts for support and assistance.  For additional information, please go to the: ShopUW+ Essentials website.


Shoppers will assign their cart to the appropriate department requester for review and submission of requisitions and transactions. A list of requesters by department will be listed on the Purchasing Services webpage on Monday, April 12.

 COVID Purchasing Restrictions

In coordination with the ShopUW+ implementation, the University will be removing the COVID-19 Purchasing Restrictions.  Beginning on April 16th, the following thresholds will be in place for approving purchases.

  • Catalog Purchases:  these are purchases made with suppliers that have an on-line catalog in ShopUW+, with specific contracted products, services and pricing for UW-System. 
    • See the complete list at:  ShopUW+ Catalog Suppliers (Not all catalog suppliers will be available at implementation on April 16th).
  • Non-Catalog Purchases:  these are purchases made with suppliers that do not have an on-line catalog.

Approval Thresholds


Catalog Purchases

Non-Catalog Purchases


Under $100


WISER Manager

$100 to $5,000

$1 to $5,000

Dean or Division Vice Chancellor

$5,000 or greater

$5,000 or greater

Office of Administration & Finance

$25,000 or greater

$25,000 or greater

 Purchasing Requisitions

In preparation for the transition to ShopUW+, Purchasing Services will stop accepting purchase requisition forms after Monday, April 12th.  Departments will be asked to hold purchase requests after that date and enter the requests into ShopUW+ beginning April 16th.

Purchasing Cards (PCards)

As we transition to ShopUW+, campus-wide availability to this tool and the access to an expanded selection of catalog vendors will reduce the need to make PCard purchases.  

To comply with UW-System guidelines to reduce the amount of liability associated with PCards, the following changes will be implemented for PCards:

  1. ALL purchases should be sourced first through the ShopUW+ catalog suppliers as of April 16, 2021.
  2. PCards should not be used to make purchases from suppliers listed on ShopUW+ Catalog Suppliers. Purchases with these suppliers should be made via ShopUW+.
  3. The number of PCards granted will be reduced to one per employee as of July 1, 2021. 
    • Purchasing Services will contact employees with multiple PCards to review individual requirements.

Year End Business Services Dates

Information will be available on Monday, April 12 at : Fiscal Year End (FY) 2021

If you have questions, please contact us at purchasing@uwlax.edu

Campus Communication on 4/15/2021 expanding section


ShopUW+ will be available for use starting on Friday, April 16th.  Please see the following resources and updates to assist with this transition to our new campus purchasing and payment system.

Accessing ShopUW+

  1. Please go to Purchasing and click on the ShopUW+ button.
  2. This will take you to the ShopUW+ Essentials webpage.
  3. See the screenshot below and click on either of the “ShopUW+ Login” or “Login Now” to access ShopUW+.
  4. Enter your UWL credentials to gain access to the system.


Based on your role, you should have received emails from Instructure Canvas <notifications@instructure.com>

If you have not received email notifications, please self-enroll following the steps below.

In order to successfully navigate in the system, please be sure that you have completed your training courses.

Everyone should complete the following courses regardless of role:

  • ShopUW+ Foundations
  • ShopUW+ Process Updates
  • ShopUW+ Shopper Skills

 If you have a Requester or Approver role, please also complete:

  • ShopUW+ Requester Skills
  • ShopUW+ Approver Skills

If you have issues with the training modules, email Customer Support.

Fiscal Year (FY) 2021 Financial Transaction Processing Schedule

For the schedule of fiscal year (FY2021) deadlines, please visit: Fiscal Year End (FY) 2021

Academic Support Services Agreement (ASSA)

NEW – All ASSA’s will be processed via ShopUW+ with the following changes:

  1. Regardless of dollar amount, a purchase order will be created and funds will be encumbered in WISER.
  2. The Shopper or Requester will check the box:  Receiving Required/Positive Approval? on the purchase request
    1. A Payment to Individual Request (PIR) form will no longer be needed due to the positive approval.

The updated ASSA form and guidelines will be available on Friday, April 16th.


Purchasing Services

ShopUW+ Essentials

If you have any questions, please contact Purchasing Services at purchasing@uwlax.edu

Purchasing Request Procedures

ShopUW+ expanding section

ShopUW+ is your starting point for making purchases of goods and services. 

For all purchases, search the Catalog Suppliers to determine if they can provide the resources needed with exception of the following:  

  • Computers and computer hardware
  • Computer peripherals available via ShopUW+ Catalog Suppliers or  CDW-g
  • Software, including software licenses and maintenance: Use the Non-Catalog Item Add in ShopUW+
  • Duplicating & Printing: Review services provided to our campus by DigiCopy or complete a Print Order Form and send to purchasing@uwlax.edu
  • Academic Support Service Agreements (ASSA) require a Purchase Order regardless of dollar amount. For instructions, visit Contracting for Personal Services.

For more information, visit: ShopUW+Essentials

Customer Support

Users will be able to find answers to most of their questions about enrolling in training and using ShopUW+ on the ShopUW+ Essentials website. The Quick Reference Guide has step-by-step instructions to complete more than 50 processes with a summary, standard navigation options, and screenshots.

If you need accessibility assistance, want to report an accessibility barrier, or if you are having difficulty using ShopUW+ or any of the training materials, email uwsaproblemsolvers@uwsa.edu or call 608-263-3100.

Requesters expanding section

Requesters play an important role in the workflow process.  Shoppers will assign their carts/requests to a requester, who will review and submit the information to the WISER Manager for approval.  The following is a list of responsibilities and functions of their role:

  • Perform all of the functions of the Shopper
  • Review and submit requisitions and transactions
  • Create and submit Direct Payments (DPs), Payments to Individuals (PIRs), Refund of Receipts (RoRs)
  • Verify and finalize accounting and shipping information
  • Attach necessary documentation
  • Add comments if needed

Click here for the list of Requesters by Area / Department.

Questions?  Contact Purchasing Services: purchasing@uwlax.edu or 608-785-8501.

W9 Processing - Supplier Update or New Supplier Request expanding section

Do not include W9s or international paperwork as an attachment to a ShopUW+ request of any type.

  • W9 for US suppliers or individuals click here to submit the W9 to Business Services via Liquid Files. 
  • If you receive any of the following from an international supplier or individual, click here to submit the following documentation to Business Services via Liquid Files.
    • W‐8 or W-8BEN
    • Copy of original passport picture page (national ID).
    • Visa or Visa Waiver
    • I‐94, plus Homeland Security stamp in passport or ESTA and Homeland Security stamp in passport for NRAs under the Visa Waiver Program
    • If they are requesting treaty exemption or reduced withholding for independent personal services then Form 8233.
Software & Software Maintenance expanding section

Requests for software and software maintenance can be in placed in ShopUW+ via Non-Catalog Item Add in ShopUW+

Please note there is a Mandatory State Contract through which all software and software maintenance must be sourced.  Allow an additional five (5) business days for Purchase Services to complete the sourcing process.

Questions? Contact Purchasing Services: purchasing@uwlax.edu or 608-785-8501.

Computers & Computer Hardware expanding section

All campus technology hardware purchases must be made through the Campus Technology Purchasing page. By using this site, you ensure your hardware is supported by Information Technology Services (ITS).  Requests are routed to Purchasing to obtain the appropriate approvals and upon verification, ITS will submit the order.

These purchases include:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Mobile Devices (iPads)
  • Cellular Devices and Plans
  • IP (VOIP) Phones
  • Printer
  • Printer Maintenance Plans
  • Accessories (Monitors, Mouse, Keyboards, Headsets, etc.)

Questions? Contact the ITS Helpdesk: helpdesk@uwlax.edu or 608-785-8774.

Duplicating & Printing Services expanding section

Duplicating and printing services are provided DigiCopy and Mandatory State Contract Vendors depending the type of print service requested. See the following for additional information.

Services provided by DigiCopy:

  • Duplicating Services – Black & White and Color
  • Business Cards
  • Binding Services
  • Finishing Services - folding, drilling, cutting, shrink-wrapping, etc.
  • Oversize Printing: Signs, Banners, Posters ... all in full color!

For print services not listed above, complete a Print Order Form and send to purchasing@uwlax.edu

Please contact John Elmer at jelmer@uwlax.edu to assist with determining the appropriate process for completing your print requests.

Academic Service Support Agreements (ASSA) expanding section

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse secures the personal services of individuals and business entities through one of two methods:  an employer-employee relationship (hire) or an agreement with an independent contractor.

  • If the individual is employed by UW System, they must be paid via UW payroll, please contact Human Resources for assistance.
  • If the service is from an independent contractor, if it is of a unique or noncompetitive (sole source) nature, and if it supports instruction, research, or public service, it will be considered an Academic Support Service.

For more information, visit: Contracting for personal services

CDW-G expanding section

UW-La Crosse has an e-commerce suite for purchasing specific computing technology for campus use. For more information go to: CDW-G / UWL e-commerce site

Existing users can log-in to their CDW-G account to place an order. Please note that you will need to update the following:

    1. Payment Option = Net Terms
    2. PO = Department Name
    3. Cost Center = Funding String entered on the quote

To request a CDW-G account, please contact the Eagle Help Desk at helpdesk@uwlax.edu.

Questions?  Contact Purchasing Services: purchasing@uwlax.edu or 608-785-8501.