The General Accounting team reviews and posts revenue, expense, and salary transfers on a bi-weekly basis. Timeliness of transfer requests is important to keep balances accurate and current in WISDM, and should be submitted within 30 days of the date posted in WISDM and prior to fiscal year end deadlines.

Please see Expense/Revenue and Salary Transfer forms on the Forms tab.

  • Forms must be completed with approval by the WISDM Manager or an individual with signature authority.
  • Explanation for transfer request: Provide as much detail as possible on the reason for the transfer request. This will help to avoid follow up questions and helps us assess our business practices to reduce transfers.
  • Description in WISDM: Description should match the posted description in WISDM as this helps identify the line to transfer.
How long does it take to show up in WISDM after I submit a transfer request?
  • General Accounting posts transfer requests on a weekly basis.
Do all transfer requests go on the same form?
  • All revenue and expenses (excluding payroll) go on the Expense/Revenue Transfer Form. There is a separate Salary Transfer form for moving payroll as we need pay period, employee ID and record number.
What should be included in the “Explanation for transfer request”?
  • Please provide the reason why the funds need to be transferred. This helps us understand the purpose for the transfer in case there may be other options, allows us to assess our business processes, and will reduce follow up questions. For example, “Purchase was made on departmental procurement card and needs to be moved to start up account.”

Transfers contacts

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