DigiCOPY is UWL's provider for printing services when ordering 500 units or less.

Use DigiCOPY for:

  • Digital Black & White Copies
  • Digital Color Copies
  • Binding Services
  • Lamination
  • Finishing Services - folding, drilling, cutting, shrink-wrapping, etc.
  • Oversize Printing: Signs, Banners, Posters ... all in full color!

Set up a DigiCOPY account in advance of placing any orders. An account must be set up before any orders can be completed.

Also, take advantage of DigiCOPY's online ordering system for quick and easy ordering 24 hours a day! Your order will be processed at DigiCOPY's printing center and will be hand-delivered to your office, often as soon as the next business day!

REMEMBER: When using the DigiCOPY Online Ordering System to  

DigiCOPY Contact Information:

  • Justin Dade, Customer Service Representative, 608-782-4355, dade@dcopy.net
  • Rich Roiz, Sales Account Manager, 608-782-4355 or 415-948-3690, roiz@dcopy.net

DigiCOPY Delivery Schedule:

For projects submitted before 1:00 pm, DigiCOPY would plan to deliver on the next business day for smaller projects. On average, most other orders will deliver within 48 hours.

Any project that will take longer than 48 hours to complete due to high volume or simply the nature of the project, DigiCOPY will contact the customer and work on an agreeable completion day/time.

DigiCOPY users guide

Online ordering manual

State Contracts or Bids

  • Orders with quantities more than 500 - Contact John Elmer, Purchasing Agent, at 785-8503 or jelmer@uwlax.edu, for estimates and placing print orders

  • Publications, promotional projects, and new designs - Contact Creative Services!