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Note: The Financial Aid Office has temporarily relocated to 212 Cartwright Center due to the Graff Main Hall HVAC project. We expect we will return to our home office location of 215 Graff Main Hall this winter.

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2024-25 FAFSA update (as of 5/13/2024)

The 2024-25 FAFSA timeline was delayed and will impact the distribution of financial aid offers. 

We have sent revised aid offers to new undergraduates.  The revised offer will reflect the federal reprocessing outcome.  Not all applications were reprocessed, so not everyone is being sent a revised offer in the mail.  WINGS is the best place to look for your current aid offer.  You must accept, reduce, or decline the offer in WINGS. 

There likely will be some delay in summer aid offers and possibly a delay in continuing student and new graduate student offers.  

If you have not completed your 2024-25 FAFSA, we strongly encourage you to take this step as soon as possible. 

At this time, schools do not have the ability to make any corrections to 2024-25 FAFSAs for special circumstances.  If you are wanting a re-evaluation based on income reduction or other situations, that process is also delayed this aid year.  We have been told that individual corrections may be ready for schools by the end of June.  

My FAFSA still says "Processing". What do I do?

At this time, 2024-25 FAFSAs are being processed at the normal 1-3 business day timeline.  Once the application is processed you'll get your FAFSA submission summary e-mail.

Last modified: 04/10/2024

What if I need to make corrections to my FAFSA?

The ability to make corrections to your FAFSA is currently available.  You can log on to your dashboard to make corrections as needed. 

Visit the Federal Student Aid FAFSA Corrections website.

Or watch a video on student corrections or contributor (parent/spouse) corrections. 

Schools do not have the ability to make corrections yet. 

Last modified: 04/30/2024

What if I have issues creating an FSA ID or submitting my FAFSA ?

If you have issues creating your FSA ID or submitting your FAFSA application, please contact Federal Student Aid.

Last modified: 03/19/2024

I completed my FAFSA, does UWL have it?

Once your FAFSA is processed, you'll get your FAFSA submission summary.  You will also be able to see this status on your dashboard.  Full processing has been achieved by Federal Student Aid (for initial transactions), so within a few business days UWL should get your FAFSA.  Once we have your FAFSA you will get an e-mail.  Watch your to-do list in WINGS and your e-mail for any additional information on documents we may need or notification that your aid offer is ready. 

Last modified: 04/10/2024

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