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Military education benefits

A page within Financial Aid

Armed forces educational programs

Reserve Officers Training Corp (ROTC), Wisconsin National Guard, and Reserve Components offer educational benefits. Information on scholarships, benefits, pay and requirements of these programs is available from their respective offices. The ROTC offices are located in 212 Cartwright Center and can provide more information on these various programs. For additional information, visit 

Veterans educational benefits

For questions regarding the Veterans Educational programs, students should contact their local County Veterans Services Officer. 

Beyond military education benefits, there are federal aid options, and some state aid options for Wisconsin residents.  To determine your eligibility for federal and state aid, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 

We recommend using federal loans before applying for private student loans.  You can talk more about loan options with our loan staff.

Information about the percentage of students who have taken out loans, both federal and private, is available in the Financial Aid section of the College Navigator.  In the 2021-22 aid year, 45% of undergraduate students borrowed federal loans.

Information about UWL's current Cohort Default Rate can be found in the Cohort Default Rates section of the College Navigator.  Our 2020 rate was 0%,  the 2019 was 0.5%,  and the 2018 rate was 1.5%.

UW-La Crosse's Cohort Default Rate is historically well below the national average. The most recent rate not affected by the pause in student loan repayment due to COVID-19 was 2018's cohort when UWL's rate was 1.5% and the national average was 7.3%.