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Tuition and fee information

A page within Cashier's Office

Current Academic Year

The academic year begins in the summer and ends with the spring term.


Special Course Fees:

Special Course Fees are fees that may be charged to certain students for certain instructional costs beyond those covered by student tuition.

View our Special Course Fees page for current lists and forms

Segregated Fees:

The term “Segregated University Fee(s)” describes charges in addition to instructional fees that are assessed to all students for services, programs, and facilities that support the primary mission of the university.

View The Budget Planning Page for additional Information and Current Rates

If you have additional questions regarding segregated fees, please call University Centers at 608.785.8888.

GQA and Differential Tuition

What is Differential Tuition? 
Students have agreed to fund some additional programs and services through the academic initiative program. These are programs that students felt strongly were needed to make UW-La Crosse a better campus to attend. The academic initiative program funds the Academic Advising Center, the Campus Climate Office, Multicultural recruiters, International travel experiences, and undergraduate research.

What is Growth Quality Access Differential Tuition?
UW-La Crosse has a time-honored record of enrolling, retaining and graduating talented individuals. The campus is uniquely positioned to be able to attract a larger and more able student body, thereby graduating even more students. For example, the number of applicants to UW-La Crosse has steadily increased to the point that more than two applications are received for every place available in the freshmen class. More impressively, the academic profile for incoming freshmen consistently ranks first amongst the UW System Comprehensives. In order to capitalize on its reputation for high quality programs and market position, UW-La Crosse promotes Growth, Quality, and Access with the goals of:

  • Allowing more Wisconsin residents access to UW-La Crosse in order to attain a college degree by growing the undergraduate enrollment of the university.
  • Hiring additional faculty and staff in order to improve academic quality and enhance the undergraduate experience.

CBA Differential

With the considerable growth within the College of Business Administration (CBA) a fee of $13.50 per credit for undergraduate courses at the 200 level and above has been added beginning in the Fall 2023 semester. The CBA consists of six departments with high-demand programs in Accountancy, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, and Marketing. The differential will allow the CBA to support the additional course sections, academic advising, and materials to properly meet student expectations.