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Accounts may be sent to a collection agency as early as 90 calendar days after the initial due date of a bill. Pre-collection referral letters are always sent out at least 30 calendar prior to referral to an agency and are mailed to the home address on file on the student WINGS account. This notice will outline any implications of the debt referral. We advise that you pay as much as possible prior to the referral to avoid or minimize any collection fees allowable by the terms and conditions signed by you and fees allowable by Wisconsin state statutes. 

Agency Contact Information:

Once a debt has been submitted to an agency payment plans can be set up with the agency. Questions concerning the nature of the debt should be directed to UW La Crosse.

Wisconsin Department of Revenue (SDC or TRIP program):


Recovery Management Services (RMS):


Williams & Fudge:


Payment Policy:

Once an account has been placed with an agency, payments made toward the debt require 7 business days from the posting date BEFORE HOLDs for registration and transcripts WILL BE RELEASED.

Non-guaranteed payment types are check payment, online check payment and credit/debit card payments.

A hold may be removed immediately upon confirmation of guaranteed payment (Example: money order or cashier’s check). Please contact the collection agency to coordinate an appropriate payment based on these guidelines. 

If your account is placed with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue all payments must be made to the agency unless you make a cashier’s check payment to UWL Cashier’s office during regular business hours.

Questions concerning the collection process, past due balances and policies can be directed to 608-785-8545 or