Provost promotion resources

Eligible candidates should carefully review the official promotion guidelines available through the Human Resources website.

In addition, the materials below provide additional guidance for successful promotion portfolios.

    1. Example portfolios - Examples of successful promotion files for both faculty and IAS members.
    2. Video feeds from promotion workshops: Panel Discussion 1Panel Discussion 2Narrative Writing Workshop;
    3. Teaching effectiveness measures worksheet - Joint Promotion Committee members use as an aid in reviewing promotion files. The worksheet reflects a spectrum of potential evidence rather than a list of required activities.  Also, please see the Teaching Effectiveness Worksheet with Resources.
    4. Writing about teaching - Materials regarding writing syllabi with learning outcomes, assessment reports, and teaching philosophies.
    5. Examples of direct assessment of student learning (examples were teaching evidence links in promotion portfolios):
      1. Borja (MUS) - Assessment of Music History Sequence
      2. Borja (MUS) - MUS 201 Musical Cultures Assessment
      3. Chedister (MTH) - Use of Exit Ticket for Formative Assessment in MTH 136 Math for Elementary Teachers II
      4. Hawkes (ART) - Course Revision Case Study: Intro to Digital Photography
      5. Hawkes (ART) - Sample Assignments and Assessment Documents
      6. Cooper Stoll (SOC) - Sample SLOs and Assessment Instruments for Foundations of Sociological Analysis
      7. Cooper Stoll (SOC) - Sample SLO and Assessment Instruments for Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
      8. Dale (POL) - Direct Assessment for POL 251 Political Theory
      9. Dale (POL) - Direct Assessment for POL 355
      10. Haried (IS) - Assessment of Problem Solving SLO in the Information Systems Major
      11. King-Heiden (BIO) - Assessing Biology Major SLO 'Interpreting and Producing Graphs' in BIO 105 General Biology
  1. IAS Specific Promotion Resources
  2. Faculty Specific Promotion Resources