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Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) Resources

Instructional Academic Staff (IAS) Resources 

IAS are integral members of UWL's commitment to high quality teaching and student learning. In terms of many personnel-related processes and outcomes, IAS are grouped with other academic staff rather than with the processes associated with the review of ranked faculty (faculty hired into tenure-track positions).  However, in many other ways, IAS are more similar to ranked faculty in terms of review criteria and professional development opportunities. Workload expectations differ for IAS compared to faculty, with faculty review reflecting expectations for active scholarship. 


Ryan Friesen serves as the IAS liaison to the Provost and is familiar with the many aspects of IAS review and resources at UWL.  In addition, each academic unit has an individual serving as a point of contact.

Lisa Caya, College of Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities
Kat Moran, School of Visual and Performing Arts
Scott Doberstein, College of Science and Health
Val Krage, School of Education
Laurie Miller, College of Business Administration

IAS Contracts and Personnel Review

Contracts: IAS are contracted to teach for a semester, an academic year (Fall/Spring) or, in some situations associated with very stable funding and longevity, a 2-year contract. Human Resources is the source of information on contract type.  When possible, IAS contracts are issued in the Spring. Departmental and Dean review, enrollment patterns, and the academic unit's fiscal situation determine contract renewal.   

Pay Plan Eligibility: IAS hired into teaching lines with a dedicated budget line ("Redbooked") are eligible for any statewide pay plan increase presuming they are reviewed as "meets expectations" by their home department. In addition, Redbooked IAS are eligible for IAS promotion (see below).

Annual Review - depending on departmental by-laws, IAS are reviewed by either a committee or the department chair. In some departments, IAS participate in merit reviews in a process more parallel to faculty review.  Merit results ultimately inform the annual review designation of meeting expectation needed for pay plan eligibility for Redbooked IAS.  Departments have no later than Dec. 15th to submit annual reviews based on the prior year.  Annual review results are submitted via the e-performance system. 

Digital Measures 

IAS who have taught a course or are teaching a course(s) who are on contract at UWL have access to Digital Measures (DM) and will have their courses automatically added to the software.  IAS must use DM if they wish to be considered for promotion.  All IAS are encouraged to use Digital Measures annually and are likely to be required to use DM for departmental annual review. The development of narratives and use of forms of evidence reflecting quality of teaching, professional development, and service are dependent on departmental requirements and/or university-wide promotion requirements. Questions about the use of DM can be addressed to Department Chairs, individual mentors, and the IAS liaison to the Provost.


IAS are considered faculty for the purpose of governance representation and are eligible for serving on Faculty Senate and on most of the senate committees.  Furthermore, two committees are expressly associated with IAS - the IAS Promotion Committee and the IAS Committee (policy). The IAS Liaison to the Provost serves as an ex-officio member of the latter. 

Faculty Development Opportunities

Faculty Development opportunities for IAS include Academic Staff Grants as well as Faculty Development Grants. Given the parameters of the program and relative paucity of the number of sabbaticals, IAS are not eligible for sabbaticals at UWL.


Faculty and IAS promotion portfolio development resources: Here you will find tips and best practice information for developing your best promotion portfolio, as well as links to the most current schedules, policies, guidelines and forms that are housed on HR's website.


Personnel Rules (UWS & UWL)

Personnel Rules (UWS & UWL)

Unclassified personnel rules: Link to policy and procedures of the Universities of Wisconsin (UWS) and those with further specific definitions to UW-La Crosse (UWL). Chapter 3 pertains to tenure-track faculty appointments. 


Post Tenure Review (Faculty)
Promotion (Fac & IAS)

Faculty Promotion at UWL: Overview of promotion portfolio materials and how to generate.

Faculty and IAS promotion portfolio development resources: Tips and best practice information for developing your best promotion portfolio and links to the most current schedules & guidelines.

Retention (Faculty)

Retention at UWL: Description of retention portfolio materials and how to generate.