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Student Success

A page within Academic Affairs

What is student success?

Student success at UWL reflects a commitment to preparing students for success in their professional and personal lives. Standard metrics of student success include persistence, retention, and graduation rates. However, other measurable and immeasurable outcomes  compose the goals of student success at UWL as the campus focuses on the whole student. High quality experiences and learning combine to help a student feel a sense of belonging to the campus and its students, staff, and faculty. UWL's mission states that the university provides "a challenging, dynamic, and diverse learning environment in which the entire university community is fully engaged in supporting student success."

What does UWL do to promote student success?

The interactive tool below catalogs UWL's efforts that contribute to students staying enrolled and graduating while having a satisfying and successful college experience. 


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advising & registration, curricular, engagement & belonging, financial, first gen, multicultural, pell grant eligible, well-being          
curricular, engagement & belonging  Academic Affairs Provost's Office First Year Seminar (FYS)  The First-Year Seminar (FYS) is required of all first-year students and transfer students with less than 15 credits. This course has two main purposes. Students explore a specific topic that helps them prepare for college level work, and complete modules associated with information and resources that will assist students in their transition to college and success at UWL.
curricular, engagement & belonging,
Diversity & Inclusion Diversity & Inclusion Hekima Scholars

The Hekima Scholars Program addresses the educational barriers facing young Men of Color at UWL. Leaders provide support and encouragement through the formation of a circle. Learning takes place through reflection, the exploration of identities from an intersectional lens, and the role of higher education in their socialization.
engagement & belonging,  well-being Student Affairs  Residence Life   Residence Life Initial Check Students that have not checked into the residence halls are contacted by Residence Life staff within the first week of classes.  
advising & registration, Navigate Academic Affairs Records & Registration Registration Reminder The week before registration date, undergraduates sent an email reminding students of upcoming registration date and referring them to the Registration Steps webpage. The day before registration date, undergraduates sent a text message that reads "Don’t forget! Your UWL course registration is tomorrow. Log in to WINGS at your assigned time to complete this task."  
engagement & belonging, well-being, Navigate Student Affairs  University Centers Six Week Engagement The Six-Week Engagement Program tracks participation of first-year and second-year students in a number of events and activities during the first six weeks of the fall semester. At ~3 weeks into the program students who have not participated are contacted through Navigate. RAs in Resident Life also contact students who have not participated and provide options for events or other opportunities associated with engagement. At ~5 weeks into the program a “non-engaged” flag is added to Navigate for all students who have not yet participated.  
curricular, engagement & belonging, financial, first gen, multicultural, pell grant eligible,  Diversity & Inclusion McNair McNair Scholars Federal program to provide eligible students with any university major with support and preparation for graduate school. McNair Scholars must either be low-income, first-generation college students, and/or be members of a traditionally underrepresented group in graduate education.
well-being Student Affairs  Office of Student Life   CARE Team The CARE Team is an interdisciplinary team across campus who discuss student concerns and provide appropriate interventions to support the wellbeing of the student and safety of the University community.
curricular, engagement & belonging, financial, multicultural, summer bridge  Academic Affairs College of Science and Health First Year Research Exposure (FYRE)  Undergraduate students at risk of leaving STEM experience career and major exploration activities and enroll in gateway classes together. All FYRE students are matched with peer mentors and tutors to help them learn college-level STEM expectations. Students who meet program expectations receive a scholarship during their second year at UWL.
curricular, engagement & belonging,  Student Affairs   Residence Life   Living Learning Communities (LLCs) Living Learning Communities (LLCs) at UWL are intentional living environments offered in partnership with academic departments and other campus offices.  The goal is to create environments that allow students to make social connections by engaging with peers around shared educational experiences and to improve students’ academic success through intentional programming, co-curricular learning experiences, and faculty engagement.
curricular,  engagement & belonging,
Diversity & Inclusion Diversity & Inclusion   Eagle Mentoring EMP is a program that benefits second-year under-represented students by providing a variety of collaborative opportunities to ensure success in academic settings. EMP students take a 1-credit course in helping them develop/create a research proposal at the end of the year. This is a full academic year commitment. Students will develop an appreciation and familiarity with writing, research, and communication methods, enriching their educational experiences, particularly contributing to their success in capstone course experiences and/or senior or honors theses.
 curricular, Navigate
Academic Affairs Murphy Learning Center Murphy Learning Center The Murphy Learning Center is a place where all UW-La Crosse students can receive free tutoring services in a variety of courses. The mission of the Murphy Learning Center is to foster an inclusive environment where academic learning flourishes.
 engagement & belonging, well-being Diversity & Inclusion Pride Center Pride Center The Pride Center fosters a safe environment for all LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff, educate the campus and community on issues, and advocate for student success and inclusivity. Our Center seeks to provide ample educational opportunities and resources for UWL's students, faculty & staff including ally workshops, trainings, clubs, panels, books, documentaries, speakers, & student-led programs on current issues in our community.
Diversity & Inclusion ACCESS Center ACCESS Center The ACCESS Center promotes equal access and educational opportunity for students with disabilities and provides services to students attending UW-La Crosse who have a documented disability.
advising & registration, curricular,
first gen, multicultural, pell grant eligible,  engagement & belonging, financial, Navigate
Diversity & Inclusion Student Support Services Student Support Services Student Support Services is a TRIO program designed to motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds and is specifically focused on students who are first generation students, economically disadvantaged, and/or have a diagnosed disability. Services are designed to enhance academic skills, increase retention, increase graduation rates, and facilitate entrance into graduate and professional programs.
 engagement & belonging, multicultural,   Diversity & Inclusion Office of Multicultural Student Services Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS)

The office of Multicultural Student Services advocates for the retention and graduation of multicultural students. Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging through connections, inclusion, and authenticity. We strive to do this through cultural programming, academic workshops, and mentorship. We believe in a holistic one-stop approach in developing students and creating access to pathways for success and opportunities.
advising & registration, curricular,
engagement & belonging, multicultural,  
Academic Affairs College of Business Administration Multicultural Business Scholars Program (MBSP) The Multicultural Business Scholars Program (MBSP) was created to help improve the recruitment, retention, and graduation of underrepresented students pursuing a major in business at UWL. Through a comprehensive four-year plan, scholars receive academic and personal support while being provided the opportunity to build relationships with their peers and faculty. Multicultural Business Scholars Program
advising & registration, curricular,
engagement & belonging, financial, first gen,
multicultural, pell grant eligible, well-being
Academic Affairs Diversity & Inclusion, Student Support Services UWL First! Scholars Program The “UWL First! Scholars Program” is designed to assist select first generation/low income students to succeed academically through a coordinated system of support, integrating college readiness, financial aid, advising and career development.  The program hopes to address the social and economic barriers to higher education for select students who demonstrate intellectual promise and financial need.
 curricular, financial,   Academic Affairs Financial Aid & Admissions UWL Eagle Apprenticeships This program awards scholarships in the first and second year for top academic achieving undergraduates. The students work with a faculty mentor on research. The goal is to provide students with valuable experience in their discipline, and helps them make educated career decisions early in college.
 engagement & belonging Student Affairs  Student Affairs - Student Life Second Year Experience The Second Year Experience Program assists second-year students in exploring the critical issues and tasks that are unique to the second year of college. The program provides support for second-year students by connecting them to peers, faculty, staff, and campus resources, enhancing their academic and professional success. The program also helps to build a community of support outside of the classroom, aiding in their self-exploration, exposing them to diverse perspectives, and helping define academic and co-curricular goals.
advising & registration, engagement & belonging  Student Affairs  Admissions, Academic Advising Center, Office of Student Life, Provost's Office START (STudent Advising, Registration, and Transition) START (STudent Advising, Registration, and Transition) is a program where first-year students receive information about attending UW-La Crosse and academic advising to assist in selecting their first-semester courses. Students register for classes to complete their schedule at START.
engagement & belonging  Student Affairs  Admissions New Student Orientation (NSO)  New Student Orientation (NSO) is for all new to UWL students, designed to provide the experiences and information for a successful transition to UWL and offers a variety of programs, services, activities, and fun events intended to welcome and introduce students to all the engagement opportunities at UWL. Through NSO, there are plenty of opportunities to meet other new and returning students, find ways to get involved, and prepare for the academic year.
engagement & belonging  Student Affairs  Admissions Family Weekend A weekend full of fun programming for the whole family. Get to know the UWL campus, meet other students and families, and explore the La Crosse area.
 financial  Academic Affairs  Financial Aid It Make$ Cents  It Make$ Cents! is a financial literacy program that addresses the financial concerns of students that are unique to college life.  The program equips students with the knowledge, skills and resources necessary to integrate and maintain lifelong financial wellness. Financial information focuses on aspects such as scholarships, affording college, credit, and budgeting. It Make$ Cents! provides one-on-one consultations and/or presentations upon request.
advising & registration  Academic Affairs Provost's Office, College Academic Services, & Academic Advising Center WIN-WIN Annually UWL will reach out to students who have left UWL without completing a degree (AA, BA/BS).  Those contacted are  AA students between 50-109 credits and BA/BS 110 credits or more completed. Prioritized for students closest to being able to complete their requirements.  A letter to each emphasizing online options and the new "General Studies" major. For AA students they are told which specific courses they need and if offered in the coming term. Each student is given a specific contact person for follow-up.  
 financial, Navigate Academic Affairs  Financial Aid FAFSA Renewal Reminder Navigate "quick poll" for students via the app that provides a reminder of FAFSA renewal deadline. Quick poll allows for a student to indicate an interest in further information or help on which Financial Aid follows up.    
 financial, Navigate Academic Affairs  Financial Aid Tuition Bill Reminder Navigate "push notice" to students via the app as a reminder for the deadline for paying tuition.  
advising & registration, engagement & belonging  Academic Affairs  Academic Advising Center/Career Services Undeclared Sophomore Student Reachout Undeclared sophomores are contacted in the 2nd week of Fall semester and encouraged to meet with a professional advisor to discuss major exploration and/or complete FOCUS2 (career exploration tool). Reachout can be text (through Navigate) or email.  
engagement & belonging,   well-being, Navigate Academic Affairs Academic Advising Center Reachout to Students (missing textbooks) First year and transfer students who live in residence halls are contacted in the 3rd week of Fall semester are contacted through Navigate by the Academic Advising Center if they have not picked up their textbooks to see if they need assistance.  This list is students who haven't pick up some/all of their textbooks so list is imprecise.  
engagement & belonging,  well-being, Navigate Academic Affairs  Academic Affairs Pro@UWL Early Alert During weeks 5-6 of the semester, instructors of gateway courses (and other select threshold courses) are asked to indicate though Navigate students about whom there are concerns. If there are UWL students for whom 2+ concerns have been raised, will receive a contact from various student support offices on campus including AAC, Residence Life, OMSS, SSS, Student Life, or Athletics.
advising & registration, financial,  Academic Affairs  Financial Aid Maroon to Gray Retention Grant Program Students with a balance and thus unable to register are contacted a week before registration started by Financial Aid and encouraged to apply to receive funds via this program.  
advising & registration, engagement & belonging, Navigate  Academic Affairs  Academic Advising Center  Operation Registration Institutional Research provides a list to AAC of 1st and 2nd year students who have not registered 3 days after the last registration date.  The Navigate Functional Leads sends a message through Navigate saying,  "Hi, I'm UWL advisor. We noticed you haven’t registered for Fall 20XX. Reply HELP If you need help registering. Reply N if you are not planning to enroll."  The Navigate Functional Lead sends requests for help to an AAC advisor or other appropriate UWL staff .  The Navigate Functional Lead may request help from Residence Life staff and hall directors to reach out to students in the residence halls.  
advising & registration, Navigate Academic Affairs Records & Registration, Academic Advising  Missed Registration Reminder The day after registration date students who missed their registration time receive a text message through Navigate that reads: Oops! We noticed you didn’t register for classes. Reply HELP if you’d like a UWL advisor to reach out.  
advising & registration  Academic Affairs Academic Advising Center D/F Student Reachout At the end of each semester, AAC professional advisors reach out to the AAC advisees who received a D or F in a course to discuss future options. Reach out is email or text.  
advising & registration  Academic Affairs Academic Advising Center Student Success Advising Institutional Research provides list to AAC of first-year students and sophomores with probation status or warning.  Consult with OMSS and SSS to identify students on the lists that are already being served by professional advisors in those or other areas, and those students are removed from the list.  These students are assigned to an AAC advisor as the "Student Success Advisor" and labeled as such in Navigate.  Lists of juniors and seniors on probation or warning is sent to College Academic Services Directors.  Students are contacted and encouraged to meet with the student success advisor in the first 2 weeks of the semester to develop a plan for success.  
advising & registration  Academic Affairs  Academic Advising Center and Academic Services Directors <12 credit Student Reachout Students with junior or lower status and have <12 credit fall schedules are contacted to provide assistance in obtaining a full-time status for semester.  Associate Vice Chancellor secures list from IR and works with departments, ASDs and AAC. Reachout can be text (through Navigate) or email.  
curricular, summer bridge Academic Affairs College of Science and Health FastTrack FastTrack is a summer mathematics enhancement program for incoming first year students. The goal of the program is for students placed into MTH 050 or 051 to increase their skills in order to place into MTH 150 College Algebra in the Fall that will be required for their academic program. When students are successfully placed in MTH150 it provides a faster time to complete their mathematics sequence, and ultimately a faster time to complete their program.
financial Academic Affairs Financial Aid The Scholarship Resource Center UWL’s Scholarship Resource Center (SRC) encourages students to focus on alternative funding options that match up with their personal achievements and unique personalities. SRC is committed to helping students locate scholarships that fit their unique qualifications, educate them regarding submitting high quality applications and ultimately, see them further their education by receiving scholarships to fund that education.
Financial, Engagement & Belonging, First Gen, Pell Grant Eligible Diversity & Inclusion Student Support Services Fostering Success for Independent Scholars Fostering Success for Independent Scholars is a program for students who lack the traditional family support afforded to most of their peers. Typically, these students have multiple adverse childhood experiences including, but not limited to: Foster care; Orphanhood; Guardianship; Unhoused or at risk of being unhoused (homeless), neglect, abuse, and/or abandonment (FAFSA Dependency Override).  Fostering Success ensures students have the resources, support, and guidance necessary for their success.  This support includes scholarships, emergency funds, help applying for assistance programs, as well as all other Student Support Services programs (advising, tutoring, etc.).  
advising & registration, engagement & belonging  Student Affairs Student Affairs, Admissions TREK (Transfer Resource Engagement Kickoff)
TREK (Transfer Resource Engagement Kickoff) is a program for new transfer students to be introduced to campus and connected with a variety of resources to help with their transition from other schools. Students participate in a series of panels with advisors and campus partners, meet with other transfer students, and are welcomed to the UWL community.