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Ryan Friesen

Specialty area(s)

College composition, Early Modern literature, graphic literature as social commentary, supernatural themes in literature

Brief biography

"... I don't think that there's any way to learn--directly--from someone else's experience. We're all too different. I may (or may not) be able to 'get it' when writer X describes his/her experience; but that doesn't make the implied lesson relevant to my own life or work. As I keep saying, relentlessly, we all have to figure it out for ourselves. That's life. Unearned knowledge isn't wisdom: it's merely dangerous." --Stephen R. Donaldson

Current courses at UWL

College Writing I, Literature and Human Experience: The Comic Book, Shakespeare, English Literature I


PhD, University of Leeds, UK, 2005
MA, Medieval Studies, University of Leeds, UK, 2002
MA, English, Winona State University, MN, 2001
BA, Majors: English and History, Minor: Philosophy, Winona State University, MN, 1998

Teaching history

University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, 2005-present, Lecturer
University of Leeds, UK, 2002-2005, literature instructor
Winona State University, MN, 1999-2001, composition instructor

Research and publishing

Supernatural Fiction in Early Modern Drama and Culture, Sussex Academic Press, 2009.