Records and Registration staff

Jennifer Elliott  Profile of Jennifer Elliott  Office hours

Records Specialist
117 Graff Main Hall

Leslie Fell  Profile of Leslie Fell

Student Processing Specialist
117 Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

Customer Service Support, Posting of degrees, process withdrawals, athletic eligibility, transcripts

Heidi Hudson  Profile of Heidi Hudson  Office hours

Scheduling/Registration Coordinator
117 Graff Main Hall

Jessica Palmer  Profile of Jessica Palmer  Office hours

Degree Aud/Curric Systems Manager
117C Graff Main Hall

Victoria Rahn  Profile of Victoria Rahn

Assistant Registrar (B)
117 Graff Main Hall

Specialty areas:

WINGS Records functional lead; WINGS access requests; WINGS training for faculty/staff; catalog and curriculum; student academic records; backup to Registrar.

Amy Servais  Profile of Amy Servais

Catalog, Curric & Sched Coordinator
117 Graff Main Hall

Veteran Services staff

Sueanne Bethauser  Profile of Sueanne Bethauser  Office hours

Veterans Services Coordinator
Graff Main Hall